Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Third Post Today!

I got hit with a triple whammy today. First my oldest headed off to 5th grade, ON.THE.BUS, in the Big, Bad Middle School.

Then my middle guy had his first day of Kindergarten in the elementary school.

And finally, my dear daughter, R., had her orientation for Pre-School in the elementary school. I was allowed to stay for this and it was only an hour.

My R. is an unpredictable one. You all have heard about her personality, her stubborn streak, her anger management issues, right? Well, my sweetie can also surprise you, so you never quite know how any situation will pan out.

I began preparing her for Pre-School a few weeks ago. She either acted happy about going or she completely ignored me as though I wasn't there. I would be going on and on about all of the fun activities that she would be doing and she would begin talking over me about Spongebob.

This morning she seemed really excited. She put on her new pink dress and her sandals. We walked the few blocks to school, hand in hand, practicing our phone number. We climbed the steps to the front door. We walked into the hallway where the children, who were to be her classmates, stood.

She turned to leave, pulling me by the hand.

I coaxed her into staying and we walked to the classroom. Upon entering she stuck her butt out, bent at the waist, and started to back-pedal. Again, I began talking about all of the neat things in the room and asked her if she could find the chair with her name on it. She really has been into writing her name lately, so this was a fun task. After she found her chair, she noticed the play kitchen. YIPPEEE!!! She began to play and actually made three new friends.

It was time to go and I couldn't get her to leave! But remember, I was still with her. On the way home she complained that her stomach hurt. Shortly after we arrived home, the poor girl proceeded to have diarrhea.

Her nerves did a number on her. I felt awful!

I am so afraid of what tomorrow will be like. Because tomorrow.....She flies solo.


Leslie said...

Wow, you had quite a day.

I don't know about you, but I've been more anxious and nervous over Julia starting school than I ever was when I was the student!

I hope your girl has a great day tomorrow!

Laura said...

just found your blog-great title!

Bree said...

Oh how I understand this. I have a 1st grader and a Kindergartener. I think I'm more stressed and emotional then they are!

And talk to me next year, when all 3 kids are in school. I'm gonna be a basket case!

This is your old friend with a new name and a new blog. I'm SO glad to be back in blogland! XOXO

georgie said...

BOY you sure did have a BIG day!
Hard to believe we are already into our 3rd week of school.

The Fritz Facts said...

You did have a crazy day!

Hope today was a better day, with less nerves for them all...and you too.

Natalie said...

oh my! i can't believe this. i have one of those too! she is 9 though. my baby. there are times i walk out the door when my husband walks in just to get a break. she is so much better now that she is older, but she still has her days. this past week has been a really hard one. school started this week and any kind of change that makes her day busier takes a couple of weeks to get over. i have done all kinds of things to combat her stubborn, sometimes bratty behavior, but most of the time i just have to ride it out. we have learned that having a regular routine in the mornings especially helps. i have to decide what she is going to eat for breakfast and lunch instead of letting her choose or she has issues. thankfully my older 3 are easy. if i had more than one like my ag i don't know if i could handle it! i do love her though. she is a ham and is featured quite often on my blog. a fun kid most of the time!

georgie said...

Just checkin in did you survive the first day? it's been mighty quite around here!

Janis said...

Aww glad to hear she loved it. My daughter started Kindergarten today and had a ball as well.

Can't wait to drop some poundage with you!! hehe.

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