Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Second Round

Well, my middle guy, T., was dropped off after lunch, for his first day of Kindergarten. He is in the afternoon class, as we only have half day Kindergarten here.

He is the most bashful boy. All blushing and burying his head in my stomach. He may be my shyest child, but he is so great at "sucking it up". He is such a brave little soul. Hanging tough and confident that HE.CAN.DO.THIS!

All of his class was lined up waiting for the bus kids to arrive. The moms all stood close by, gushing. When he didn't think I was looking at him, T. would just glance around at the other children. He was as white as a ghost. Well, except for the small rash that broke out on the back of his neck. Nerves will do that to him.

Suddenly, we would make eye contact, and he would beam. He has the most radiant smile in the world.

I asked him if he was okay. He nodded and then admitted that he felt like crying. My heart just fell to pieces.

And then he smiled at me again, fully determined to be a big kid.


Wendee said...

Thats awesome that he was being such a brave boy! I wish mine were even a little sad to see me go on that first morning of kindergarten....but they weren't! :(

Zephra said...

No matter how many times you send one to school for the first time, it is always hard. I bet he will love it.

Momish said...

How sweet he is, and so brave! My heart would be melting and breaking too. I hope his first day went well and his nerves calm down by tomorrow.

Sarah said...

I thought Mo was going to push us out of her classroom on the first day! Where do they get this bravery? I'm a big fat coward myself!

The Fritz Facts said...

So brave! I hope he had a great first day, after the nerves left him.

Leslie said...

I think my heart fell to pieces reading this!

Super B's Mom said...

Ok where are the darn tissues??? I about lost it thinking about him standing there looking at the other kids and then seeing you.

What a brave little man you have. So precious!!