Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Learning To Read In Target

I took the kids with me to Target today. I needed to get some cleaning supplies, paper products, and hygiene items.

I had my trusty list in my hand because I swore I was not buying ANYTHING that wasn't written down on that list. I was at the end of an aisle using one eye to read the label on an allergy medication, while the other eye watched the kids, who were now slightly up the next aisle.

T. was pointing to words on boxes and bags and then asking W. to read them to him.

Up until that point, I hadn't been paying attention to the dialogue, because I was crossing things off my list. Got to stick to the list.

I tuned into the conversation.

"W., what does this word say?"


"And that one?" "Glide."

My five year old ran over to the other side of the aisle.

"What about this long one?"


Snicker...I looked closer. It was the girly aisle.

Heck, at least they weren't throwing bouncy balls around. Plus they were teaching AND learning. My kids. Who'da thunk it?

This was such a proud moment. I pushed the cart ahead, I needed stuff in this aisle anyway.

"W., here are two words!"

"Sound it out. F makes the fu sound. E makes the eh sound. M makes the em sound. Fu eh em. Fehm. Fehminen. Feminine Wash!"

SNORT! I'm such a child.

I heard flip-flop running sounds behind me. I turned to see R. grab a box off the shelf at the end of the aisle.

Ah, how cute she wanted to get into the act!

"W. read me this one!" she exclaimed.

"Trojan. Magnum."


I'm an ass.


Kelley said...

You know all these chicks having babies and blogging it? They just wanna get in on some of our awesome blog fodder.

So did you buy them?

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Kelley: No need, Mr. Schmitty has been snipped.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Snort!!!! I am so glad I wasn't drinking my DC when I read this.
I would have laughed at what they were reading too. I guess I am also, a big child!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

hahaha. I can't wait until mine can read labels.

Miss Britt said...

My son was reading me the grocery list last time.

"Mom! MOOOOMMMM! Don't forget to get cone domes!"

I'm a bad mom. I didn't bother to correct his pronunciation.

The Fritz Facts said...

My hubby just looked me after I snorted LOUDLY!!

I love your stories! Boo and Hunter do funny stuff, but never EVER stuff like this. I love it!

Education comes in all sorts of ways.

Queen Goob said...

Spawn and I were sharing a mommy son moment while laughing together enjoying that story.


Tricia said...

I'm one of those serious souls who needs something really, really good to elicit more than a chuckle. This was so much more than a chuckle!

EE said...

OMG...this was too funny. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall...or shelf!!!

Jennifer H said...

That is the best shopping story ever!

Misslionhearta said...

Huh? A Magnum here is an icecream!


Jay said...

ROFL!! I love it! I used to use shopping trips to practise reading, too, but never it THAT aisle! LOL!

Mommie Mayhem said...

LOL . Great post ... Loved It!!

Karly said...

Ha! You have some cool kids!

Maria said...

I admit to lying to Liv when she was about four. We were in a department store.She handed me a box of pantyliners and asked what they were used for. I pretended that I didn't know. She was skeptical, but didn't press.

I actually shrugged and said, "Hmm. I'm just not sure, honey."

I didn't want to get into any discussions of not feeling fresh and shit like that.

slackermommy said...

That's awesome! Reminds of a shopping trip with my mom and sis. My sis and I slipped condoms, pregnancy tests, and lube in our mom's cart and then laughed our asses off at her when she found them in her cart at the checkout line.

MotherBunker said...

Oh, you are too funny. Good stuff. Target is good for so many things, isn't it?