Monday, July 07, 2008

What Will Their Future Hold?

I'm sure I'm not the only mom that wonders what her children will grow up to be.

A doctor? A lawyer? An exotic dancer? An Entertainer?

Or how about President? Though I think I want my children to be President of their own company rather than of the country.

T.'s preschool class put on a small show for the parents back in May. During one bit, the children carried signs that stated which profession they wanted to pursue, when they were grown. Some wanted to be Nurses, others wanted to be Policemen or Firemen, and most wanted to take care of animals and be a Veterinarian.

Five year old children are very noble.

When W.'s yearbook came home from school, I immediately turned to the 4th grade class. Next to each child's picture was their answer to the question, "What do you want to be?" Gone were the healers and protectors.

Ten year olds want to be rich and famous, baby!

The majority of the boys longed to become a Professional Jock. Top Professional Jocks too, they were all going to be in the Major Leagues! No sport was overlooked; Baseball, Basketball, Football, Synchronized Swimming.

The majority of the girls wanted to rocket to stardom as a Singer, Model, or Actress. Even the ugly ones. The overachievers wanted to be all three.

See how only five years can change a person's whole way of thinking?

I've asked my children many times what they think they might want to do in their adult lives. I'm not surprised by their answers, as the responses are pretty typical for their ages. Like any mom, I know my kids can be ANYTHING they want. They can DO anything they want.

Today I got to thinking (is something burning?), wouldn't it be fun if I had to assign them jobs based on their personalities right now? Certainly their careers would take quite specific paths.

W.'s yearbook picture stated that he would like to be a Chef. First of all, he eats pretty much pasta and bread and bread and pasta. His palate is only accustomed to blandness. Gordon Ramsey would set himself on fire. He does, however, love sweets. So, quite possibly a career as a Pastry Chef could be in his future.

I think he should be a Stuntman. He can throw a punch, flip around, and fall on the hardwood floors with a tremendous thud. It scares the bejezus out of me and makes me run from the next room because I am sure there's blood. He's usually lying on the floor laughing. He has NO fear and apparently very strong bones.

R. wants to be a Vet. The only reasonable part of that thought is that she isn't afraid of animals. My little munchkin, all 30 lbs. of her, will run up to a dog three times her size and wrap her arms around it's neck. The problem? She doesn't exactly have the best bedside manner. Ask poor Ruby who has been picked up by her tail on more than one occasion.

I think R. should be a News Anchor or a Talk Show Host. Why? BECAUSE.SHE.NEVER.SHUTS.UP! The pint-sized terror would also be excellent as a female Wrestler, Boxer, Bounty Hunter, or Hit Woman. dainty girl has such a bright future ahead of her.

And finally T., my guy who will always be plagued by the middle child syndrome. Some days he wants to be a Chef and some days he wants to be a Vet. It depends on which sibling he is idolizing that particular day.

I think T. should be a Lawyer. He is the most persistent, argumentative child I have ever come across. He wants answers NOW! He'd be so great at cross-examination. He'd badger the information out of any witness that took the stand. Move over F. Lee Bailey.

So, what do your kids want to be? Or better yet, based on their personalities, what do you foresee?


The Fritz Facts said...

You exotic dancer is out? Crap...hahahaha

I can see Boo as the next big naturalist. She loves the outdoors and everything that comes with it. time military. Seriously. He would THRIVE in that...

Bonnie the Boss said...

Love this post!
My oldest wants to be a FBI agent. His grades will never get him there.
Big D just informed me he wants to be a garbage man, and is now trying to convince his twin brother to be one with him.
Little Man,isn't buying the garbage man thing and says he wants to be a motorcycle rider.
Cutie says, an animal trainer, and yet when she sees a dog bigger than her shoe. she freaks out.
Red is good with his hands. Very smart. So who knows.
It looks like to me that if I don't redirect their path I will be supporting most of them for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Pepper said...

I had to put a lot of thought into this which actually sets of an entirely different mental trip because I feel like a horrible mother for not knowing right away what my kids should be.... like I don't know my kids as well as I should...

But, after thinking about this for awhile I have come with their future jobs...

DramaBoy - Professional Lawn Boy. He can drive around his little Gator for HOURS! He literally drives around our house hundred times a day. He would be well-suited to sit on a John Deere lawn mower or Gator and just cut grass or haul things around for people, like he often does for me. Or a train conductor... as in the one who would drive the train engines... because. he. is. obsessed. with. trains.

Monster - Well, here is a kid that is mouthy, hard headed, stubborn, evil, tough and yet so cuddly and needs his mama. I have pretty much set him up as a Bouncer in a bar but he still lives in my basement at 36 years old.

Dr. Pepper said...

It must also be noted that I am incredibly proud that you mentioned Gordon Ramsey in your post...

Not many people would understand the reference because they don't know who he is. But, in this house, Gordon is the MAN!!!!

Leigh said...

Oh, you always make me laugh!

Bama either a sports broadcaster or a professional water boy for his favo football team

Sledge an actress. An oscar winning one. She is quite the actress, wink, wink. DRAMA QUEEN

and J smooth a war game afisionato

Queen Goob said...

Spawnette actually wants to be a pastry chef; last Christmas was ALL about baking supplies and cool stuff. I'd say this is the perfect thing for her actually, she even bakes from SCRATCH!

Spawn wants to be a stockbroker. I think that would be a bit too cut throat for him as he thinks EVERYthing is a joke. I see him as a biostatistician at a pharmaceutical company. Crunch numbers and project what types of drugs the company should product the next year.

Am I a loser mom with no imagination or what?!?!

Tricia said...

My son could join your R. on the talk show circuit. He has the same runny-mouth syndrome. My husband is hoping our son will be a rock 'n roller...who wishes that?

Jay said...

When my kids were small, I had my ideas about what they could/would be when they grew up. At age three, I figured No. 1 son might end up being something in computers. At the same age, I thought No. 2 son might be a gymnast or something in sports.

When each one reached fourteen, I though No. 1 son might be something in computers. When No. 2 made it to fourteen, I thought he might perhaps be a negotiator or arbitrator of some kind.

At eighteen, I still thought No. 1 might do something in computers, but No. 2 now seemed likely to be a stand-up comedian.

So, how did things turn out? No. 1 is indeed a computer programmer, but No 2 is a sound engineer and trying to get into music/movie production.

Well, one out of two ain't bad. LOL!