Sunday, July 13, 2008

It Only Takes A Second

We finally got our nightmare of a freaking project that was a pain in my tucus to assemble because our yard is not level Intex Metal Frame Pool up and the kids got to jump in yesterday. We had a very, VERY belated family birthday party for W., who turned 10 4th?! YIKES!

My bad.

We sat the kids down and ran down the list of rules involving the use of the pool. Mr. Schmitty was somewhat apprehensive when I told him I wanted a pool. The combination of a pool and kids scared him. I reassured him that we were cautious parents, overly protective ones, in fact. It would be fine.

Plus, I painted a picture of what I might be like if there was no form of entertainment for our precious tykes this summer. He, I believe, weighed his two fears and realized that getting the pool was the better route to take. Such a smart fella, that hubs of mine.

So, the rules were pounded into the heads of the Schmitty kids, over and over and OVER again. We set the chime on our alarm box so we would know whenever a door or window was opened. We put Body Glove Float Suits AND water wings on the non-swimmers. T. and R. looked like the Michelin Man's babies. It was total overkill, as neither of them weigh more than 40 pounds, but the distribution of floats over their bodies prevented them from tipping over. It made them feel safer, which in turn, calmed Mr. Schmitty. At least a tad.

No children were allowed in the pool without an adult in the yard. Actually, no children were allowed in the yard without a supervising adult. They were also not allowed in the pool alone. If all but one wanted to get out of the pool, then the lone swimmer needed to deal and get out too.

We had all bases covered. We had at least five parents, at a time, as lifeguards. Mr. Schmitty was happy. The kids were THRILLED.

After the party, Mr. Schmitty was cleaning up outside. R. and her BFF, E., were "helping" him. He had turned on the filter to clean the pool and the girls were running around and splashing each other with the water from R.'s kiddie pool.

Mr. Schmitty turned his back for a second and then he heard R.'s crying. He looked across the yard where she and E. were standing, huddled together. He immediately knew what had happened. He ran across the yard. R. was crying that her hand hurt and that she had gotten shocked.

Yup, she touched the plug to the filter. It was hanging out of the outlet. She was wet. She tripped the GFI.

Thank GOD she was still breathing.

All the precautions for the pool to prevent drowning. All the over protectiveness in the world. A split second of letting your guard down. I could have lost my sweet pixie-girl.

I think I grew some grey hair last night.


Valerie said...

Holy crap how scary! I am glad she is ok.

Jay said...

Heavens above! How frightening!! Thank heavens for safety cut-outs, huh? Can you barricade the outlet somehow in future? *Hugs*

The Fritz Facts said...

How scary!! So glad she is ok. I would never have thought of that, only the water aspect of it. It puts a lot into perspective.

Karly said...

Oh god! How scary!

Laura said...

WOW - how happy she is OK.

We have a pool too and it causes me many grey hairs...but also many many laugh lines! Enjoy the pool!

Marshamlow said...

How scary! I am glad she is ok. Thanks for the heads up, I would have never thought of that.

meleah rebeccah said...

while I love all things about having a pool and basking in all the glory that is chemically treated water...i would have gone to full gray head of hair if any of my children touched an outlet while WET...Ouch!

meleah rebeccah said...

PS: Happy 10th Birthday Party to W

meleah rebeccah said...


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Valerie: Thank you, she is fine. I think I'm the one that still needs some comforting!

Jay: Yes, thank goodness for the GFI. There really is no way to barricade the area, however, I think she scared herself enough...and now we will watch her like a hawk!!

The Fritz Facts: Thank you. I really didn't think she would try to touch that. You just can't always be in a 4 year old's head.


Laura: Thank you.

Marshamlow: We have to think of EVERYTHING, you just never know what they will do!

Meleah: I think I got some new grey hairs. Thank you...and thank you! ;)

Jennifer H said...

Holy cow.

Thank god she's safe.

And for Clairol, right?

Bonnie the Boss said...

Yikes! I am glad she is okay!