Monday, August 27, 2007

Looks Like We're Staying Put

Well I've officially called off the house hunting. I've spent the last two weeks frantically searching my town for a house that will accomodate eight people comfortably. The market right now is horrible. Every single house, in our price range, was awful. The house either needed tons of work or was in a bad location. And let me tell you, we weren't looking to be cheap either.

That however, is not the reason for stopping. I was all willing to relocate to another town. I even had started looking in nearby communities. The problem, surprise, surprise, is the in-laws. I understand that they have very big decisions to make. I get that. It's just that my MIL and SIL don't seem to want to actually COME to any decisions.

They don't have much time, I've told you all of the condition of the house. Winter is approaching, they need to move. We've given them a few options, they need to pick one. They can't seem to and forget trying to help them. They seem to think we all are against them in everything we suggest. It's frustrating.

I know that their lives are chaotic right now. But they also don't understand that we were willing to turn our lives upside down too to help them out. My kids were even willing to move away from their friends. Nobody seemed to understand that by at least giving us an answer on whether or not we were going to move in together.

So, I decided to stop driving myself and my kids batty and let them do what they have to. I just hope they can come to some sort of a decision before it gets cold.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

It sounds like they are both "stubborn" and unfortunately a lot of times as people age their stubbornness gets worse!

I think it's awesome that you were willing to make a lot of sacrifices to make things better for them. I'm sure at some point it will become critical and a matter of safety, no less, for them to move. Until then, it sounds like you have done all you can do!

Zephra said...

That is the best thing you can do for yourself right now.

Jen said...

Argh, I'm sorry it's going this way. Maybe everyone just needs a little more time to get used to the idea? I hope everything gets worked out one way or another sooner rather than later.

Random Magus said...

I think you've come to the right conclusion. By the way it's really good of you to do what you are!

Blue Momma said...

I think you were going above and beyond what would be expected.

They are lucky to have you.

It's their loss, not yours!

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