Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mr. Schmitty...A Closet Cross-Dresser?

Okay, he's really going to kill me for this one. But after his comment a few days ago, I owe him one!

Today I was a cleaning freak. My OCD kicked into overdrive. I cleaned and organized each and every closet and dresser in the Schmitty household. I got rid of old and/or stained clothing. I threw away two leaf bags full of McDonald's toys, papers, and junk. I did laundry, OH.DID.I.DO.LAUNDRY! I was a tornado!

I was in my bedroom going through the unmentionables drawer when R. strolled in.

"Whatcha doin' mama?"

"I'm getting rid of some old clothes."


"Because some don't fit anymore and some are old and need to go."

"Oh. Can I help?"

"Sure. See those clothes on the floor? Put them in that big bag for me."


She gets to work loading the old, beat-up clothes into the bag. She picks up a black bra from the heap.

"Why are you throwing this out?"

"It's old and stretched out."

"But daddy likes black bras."

"Oh yea, he does, does he?"

"Yes, he likes to wear them!"

I raise and eyebrow. "Really? He does?"

"Uh-huh, he wears them to work!"

Does R. know something I don't? Has Mr. Schmitty secretly gone undercover at work? If so, I hope he gets a raise because I seriously can't picture this:

(Sorry honey, I just couldn't resist! Your daughter sure has an imagination!)


Lainey-Paney said...

I totally expected more to that story.... In fact, maybe you & your husband are having a discussion RIGHT now...

What exactly does your husband do for a living? Is he a drag queen???

Anonymous said...

omg, that is funny. And I want to know part 2 of this story as well. What did Mr. Schmitty say when told that he was outted?? lol

Jen said...

That doodle cracks me up. I totally want that on my Christmas cards this year!

Maria said...

Well, there is only one thing to must snap his bra good and hard when he leaves in the morning....

That'll teach him.

boogiemum said...

I love it! Yes, what did Mr. say?

Mrs. Schmitty said...

He really didn't say much. I think he lost his speech. His mouth also dropped open and he had this funny look on his face. It was priceless! I told him I was going to blog about it and that he had to deal with it because of his rude comment the other day. He laughed hysterically at the doodle! Poor guy, can't get a break!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

P.S. I think now we are even! I hope I didn't spark a war! :D

Justice Fergie said...


Looks like you've started a full-blown war to me!!

EE said...

You're pict absolutely rocks! You all are 2 funny!

Blue Momma said...

Maybe that's why the bra was stretched out?!?

And Mr. Schmitty had that one coming to him after the other day!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

He looks sexay in black. ;)

Random Magus said...

I would love to meet your little girl!

cathouse teri said...

Maybe she overheard him one time tell someone he loves black bras. And then he joked because he loves to wear them to work!

Either that or he really wears them.

It's hard to say.

Nice drawing, though!

Marsha said...

Hilarious, you made my day.

Mrs. Fierce Shoes said...

Oh, Lord. You'll pay for that one, I'll bet. hee! hee!

shauna loves chocolate said...

TOOOO funny!