Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Prince Charming With Soft And Bouncy Hair

W. has always liked his hair longer than I would normally like. I like that clean cut look, but after numerous arguments with him, I agreed to let him grow it out some. Some.

Soon after our conversation, I began to notice the boys getting off the bus in the mornings at his school. Most of them had the same hair style, the longer, I just got out of bed look. Okay, at least he's not being the rebel. He's just trying to fit in. And come to think of it, it is actually easier to take care of now. He's got horrible cowlicks all over and the shorter it is the worse it looks and the harder it is to plaster down.

I just worry about the summer. I know he's going to whine when it's 90 degrees. He's got gorgeous hair, but it's very thick and coarse. He's going to swelter. But he swore to me he didn't care and that he was NOT, I repeat, NOT going to cut it short. I told him if he so much as complained once, he'd have to have it cut like his father has it. That should keep him quiet as Mr. Schmitty has a flat top with it basically shaved on the sides.

Anyway, last night W. was in the shower. I notice a lot of my material for this blog seems to revolve around the shower and the bathroom in general, as evident here, here, oh and definitely here.

Now, as I mentioned a few sentences ago, W.'s hair is very thick and coarse. I told him he should use conditioner in his hair to make it soft. So, last night he is showering and singing his little heart out like Sanjaya. I was in the next room and he asked me how long to keep the conditioner in. "Just a few minutes is good."

After his shower, Mr. Schmitty used the hairdryer to help him dry it. I heard him explaining that I had told him that the conditioner would make his hair soft. I can only imagine the face my dear husband was making during the conversation. Things like that coming from his boys makes him crazy. He'll just look at me and say, "Stop it."


This morning W. couldn't stop talking about his beautiful locks. I must say it was beginning to wear on my nerves.

I saw my opening to once again mess with my kid. I ran over to him and started running my fingers through his hair.

"Oh W., it's so soft! I could run my fingers through it all day!" I told him the girls would be saying at school.

I starting talking in a sweet, high-pitched voice, "No, let me, it's mmmmyyyy turn!"


"C'mon W. give me a little flip, just one, c'mon just like Prince Charming in Shrek!"

I think he wanted to give me a flip of another kind as he stomped out the door.


Anonymous said...


I LOVE it. My son likes him hair very short, like his Daddy. So far, I like that!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...


I think boys succumb to peer pressure as far as fashion and looks as much as girls, they just try to be nonchalant about it. ;)

I bet he did a hair flip later when you weren't looking. Ha!

meleah rebeccah said...


My son just got over the long rolled out of bed hair and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER that I can see his face again!

I hope you son stays cool!

Mad goat lady said...

What is it with boys and their hair these days?

My teenager uses more hair product than any female I know! LOL

Janis said...

Aww too cute!! My son likes his short right now too...he has a TONNE of thick hair and will be sweltering this summer as well! I think he will be keeping it short..thank god I still have a huge say at 5 years old! haha

The Greens said...

My son wants to grow his hair out too. But his doesn't seem to get longer...it just gets bigger. Kinda like a fro. Not attractive on a dorky white kid. He also has been begging for sideburns for a couple of years now. Ain't gonna happen!

Babybull40 said...

I had very fine hair as a kid and still do.. but it turned all curly as I got older.. I can relate about the cowlicks.. they are awful.... I hope the girls go apes over his hair...I can picture him coming home and begging for a haircut....lol

reevesfarm said...

My husband keeps his hair Army short, and the boys both have kind of longish on top but short in the back hair. They also use conditioner and my husband just LOVES it when they ask us to smell their hair or feel it.

Maybe just to jerk him around I could get one of them to do it while wearing one of their sister's pink towels.....hee hee hee

Shelli said...

lol. I can't wait for the day when David tells me how HE wants his hair to look.

We're all buzz-cutters in our family.

Thirty-One Trendy said...

I have 5 and 3 year old boys. I'm hoping by the time they get old enough to care, short hair will be the cool thing. The long hair in the face baffles me. By the way, when did I start sounding like an "old person". UGH!

Jessica said...

LOL my oldest keeps his hair pretty short. He plays three different sports and sweats like a pig so he needs to keep it short. When he wants to impress the ladies he asks me to spike it. "rolls eyes"