Wednesday, December 15, 2010

There's One In Every Group

My middle child, T., is the smartypants of our clan. Count on him to be the one to antagonize, instigate, throw a zinger of a comment here and there, and basically be the master of pushing buttons.

He loves to torment, especially his little sister.

Case in point, R. made a craft foam ornament at school. It was an adorable gingerbread girl. I removed it from her school folder and told her what a great job she had done on it.

Isn't it cute?

We have two Christmas Trees in our house. Our family tree, which is in the living room, and a small 4 foot tree we keep in our computer room that the kids call "Their Tree". R. wanted to place her ornament on "Their Tree" as soon as she finished her homework. I placed the little gingerbread girl on the dining room table where her brother, T., was also seated doing homework.

That is where I made my mistake.

As in grand T. fashion, the minute R. and I weren't looking, well, he went to work...and did this:

See what I'm up against?

A few weeks ago, I purchased some really cute glass sun catchers. The set of 4, hand-painted, Christmas themed tiles would be perfect for my backdoor window which is a frame of small panes.

I placed my tiles in the window and thought they looked completely charming. I especially like when the sun shines through them in the mornings; they really light up.

Just this morning, however, I noticed that the 4th tile was a little off. I looked at it quite puzzled; a frown creased my forehead.

How could I not have noticed this before?!

My eyes grew larger. What was the artist, who created these tiles, thinking? I thought of my middle child and giggled. He would appreciate the humor, I thought to myself.

The artist MUST have a personality like my son, who else could give a Cardinal a set of balls like that?!


Jen said...

You've got to give T credit. Using the sleeves for little angry eyebrows was pretty clever.

Dawn said...

ROFL!! BOTH those pictures cracked me up.

Baloney said...

Thank goodness our kids will NEVER meet! LOL. Hysterical!!

kim mccafferty said...

My first laugh of the day!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh those are absolutely priceless! Merry Christmas, Schmitty Family!

Maria said...

I sat there staring like a dumb ass at the cardinal and wondering WHAT THE HELL was wrong with it, I could see NOTHING. Finally, went down and finished reading your post and then backed up and figured it out.

I don't deal much with balls, mind you.

Also...I am amazed that you put up two trees. I complain about having to put up ONE.