Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Like A Scene From A Cartoon

Back in September, I wrote about W. and his studying, or lack thereof. I took some of your advice and backed off. Because as much as my controlling ways fought me, I know, deep down, that I must let him take control of his own school work.

If I didn't he'd never get through it.

So, reluctantly I took a backseat. I still question him to make sure his homework is done. I still ask if he has any quizzes or tests coming up that he needs to study for. But I let him be responsible for it all.

It's tough.

I started to see his grades falter. He still had passing grades for the most part, but I did see a few that were not quite up to par. I was given papers to sign and return. The teacher wanted proof that I knew of the substandard grade.

I told W. he needed to get a grip and take his work more seriously. I explained that the year would get harder, not easier. He needed to study for his tests. And better yet, he needed to KNOW when those tests were being given.

Apparently, THAT was a problem.

I became aware of THAT when I went through his papers and found a Science quiz that he never told me he had coming up.

Did you ever see the Spongebob episode entitled "No Free Rides"? Here's a clip:

Now, watch the episode again and imagine W. as Spongebob and Mrs. Puff as his Science teacher. Next replace Spongebob's boating test with W.'s quiz. And finally instead of a 6, think of a 4, as in 4%.

Yes, my son got a 4% on a quiz. How is that even possible?


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Today Too is in her end of year exams.

She didn't study.

Neither did her sister and hers were her FINAL YEAR exams.

So I totally understand your frustration. But babe, YOU are the only one stressing. They need to do it for themselves.

{that is the advice that others gave me, doesn't stop me freaking the hell out and wishing I could force them to study.}

Have a margarita.

Karly said...

Holy crap! 4%? Did you beat him?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

It is like kids don't understand they have to study and learn to pass school and to get anywhere in life. it's so hard to get that through to them it seems. I don't want to say you should keep on him to the point of nagging, but maybe sitting down and asking if he understands what will happen if he doesn't study and work? Maybe you've already tried that. . . I'm not faced with this yet so I am not a huge help.

The Fritz Facts said...

Oh least Hunter isn't the ONLY one that has a single percent test score...I almost lost it but let him deal with it. It sucks, but we can't force them to do the work, that causes more problems then good.

Good luck lady!