Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This community, sometimes called the Blogosphere, never ceases to amaze me. When a fellow blogger is in need, this Internet Family, joins together at record speed to offer support.

Quite honestly, it blows my mind.

I've only been blogging for less than two years. That's not a long time. I haven't been lucky enough to meet any bloggers in real life. Though I hope to some day. I have however, witnessed the outpouring of love that is forever being extended in so many ways.

Many read, in horror, when Nie Nie and her husband were in a life altering airplane crash during August of 2008. Then hearts were broken with the loss of a little girl named Maddie. And then again when Thalon was taken too soon.

Each time, this Internet Family, sprang into action. No questions asked.

Truly incredible.

Today, I signed onto Facebook. I saw status updates that Anissa of #FreeAnissa had suffered a massive stroke on Tuesday. I couldn't believe it.


The always funny, upbeat Anissa? That strong woman who has already endured rehabilition for a previous stroke. The unbelievable mom who recently posted about her youngest child, Peyton, being one year, cancer free?

Yes. That Anissa.

Again, this Internet Family is doing what it does best. It's taking care of it's own.

Please send prayers, happy thoughts, good vibes, whatever you can to Anissa and her family. And if you can help out in other ways, please visit Aiming Low to find out how.


Colleen said...

This community truly is amazing. My thoughts have been on Anissa and her family all day.

Midwest Mommy said...

I met her briefly at Blogher this summer. I am in complete shock and praying hard.