Monday, October 13, 2008

The Bullet Catch Up

Last week was kind of crazy. Busy, busy, busy! So I figured a bullet type post was in order.
  • Why is it when you are SEVERELY PMSing, because your cycle just lasted 48 days, your husband has to work all weekend. No lying around in fat pants, eating chocolate and licking salt off pretzels, for me.
  • I bought the kid's Halloween costumes. Can you say, rip off? I just can't believe the price of them. Next year? I swear I am going to FORCE the kids to make their own!
  • T. is going to be the black Spiderman. I didn't know there WAS a black Spiderman. I thought he was red and blue. I never did get to see those movies.
  • W. is going to be a Werewolf. I just hope he doesn't scare himself looking in a mirror. You should have seen how freaked out he was in the Halloween store. All the masks terrified him!
  • Get this. R. picked out her costume all by herself. I keep making everyone guess what she chose. Not.One.Person.Guessed.Correctly! She's going to be an Angel. BWAAAAHHHHHA!
  • I went out to dinner with an old friend on Friday night. It was great to get out and catch up with her.
  • W.'s soccer team finally seemed to mesh on Saturday. They still got their butts handed to them, but it was a very exciting game. They really worked great together. W. did really well!
  • It's so nice to finally go to a party and not have to follow the kids around to make sure they aren't getting into trouble. Mr. Schmitty and I actually hung out with the other adults and enjoyed ourselves. The kids had a blast too.
  • We played Screw Your Neighbor at the party. As the women were pretty intoxicated, the talk turned a little X rated. Side bets were being propositioned, if you get my drift. Too bad for the fellas that drunk wives promising sexual favors during a card game is usually bullshit. We were just amusing ourselves and laughing hysterically at their expense.
  • We stayed out way too late on Saturday and then got up at the butt crack of dawn to watch my niece run in her cross country meet. By the time the meet was over, the tired and cranky Schmitty family, was in need of some serious sleep and food before someone was tossed from the minivan and onto the highway.
  • My business has kept me pretty swamped lately. I have a really big order I am designing for a mom I know in town. Her daughter is having her Bat Mitzvah in November and I am creating all of the seating cards, menus, etc. I decided to treat myself with the profits and buy myself a new camera.
  • I purchased a Canon Powershot SX110IS. I love it!! The pictures are beautiful.
  • Which reminds me. I need to start planning my Christmas card. I always get very creative and have to come up with a new idea every year. Friends and family tell me that they can't wait to see what I've come up with.
  • I need to write over at the BlubHer Overhaul. I'm kind of avoiding my Sistahs. I've fallen off the wagon a bit in the past few days.
  • W. surprised me with his interim grades. Reading/86, Social Studies/88, Math/88, Science/91, and Language Arts/97. Now, if he actually APPLIED himself some more, could you imagine the grades?
  • I'm planning my daughter's birthday party. She's going to be 5 on the 20th! I can't believe it. We are handing out the invites tomorrow for her "Puppy Party". It's going to be so cute!
  • No sign of a Possum OR Rat the past few days. But I still haven't stepped foot into the back yard.
  • I need to read 398 blog posts in my reader! I'm never going to catch up!!! So forgive me if I don't comment this week. I will be lurking but as I am behind in a lot of things, I don't think I'll be able to leave any witty words. Please forgive me!
  • Well, I hope I didn't bore you to tears. Once I am caught up, I promise, I will come up with something better!
'Til then Muuuuuaaaah!


meleah rebeccah said...

Im tired just from reading that.

My lord...where do you get the energy for all of that?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm sure you forgot something, it was such a short list. ha

Tricia said...

It sounds busy, and fun. I hope you'll post your Christmas card so we can all see what delightful design you come up with. I love holiday cards.

Sabrae said...

Sounds busy busy busy! :)

Amy said...

Some weeks are like this!

Justice Fergie said...

holy crap you've had a lot going on!

re the halloween costumes: i totally feel you. lucky for me my girls are still young enough that i was able to convince them to be "nice witches" for the grand ol' price of $9.99 a piece.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I just bought 2 costumes at Marshall's for $16.99 each. Baby (age 3) is gonna be a monkey and Middle (age 4) is gonna be a skunk!

Here's hoping Halloween night is COLD here in MA b/c otherwise my children are going to profusely perspire in their costumes!

georgie said...

bore me to tears? nawwww i got nuttin but time....

I can NOT belive you bought Halloween costumes! or else i am just cheep...ok ok dont answer that

i wanna play screw your neighbor! and i am always intoxicated...does that count?

i dont like for just a moment cuz odf this I purchased a Canon Powershot SX110IS....pffft

i need a moment...

I hope i am one of your 398! ;-)

Megryansmom said...

I rather like the bullet update, thinking of snatching it for myself on a day when I GOTS NOTHING. I'm off to check out this camera of yours. I have the Canon Powershot SD900 and I'm not liking it lately. Might be time for change.

Midwest Mommy said...

Glad the big rat is gone for now :-)
I usually get my kids costumes the moment they appear in stores. With the prices this year I am just not motivated. I told the hubs I was just going to get two pails write Jack on one and Jill on the other...he said no.

Bonnie the Boss said...

~ I just helped a local newspaper do an article on cheap halloween costumes, If you want I will get you the info for next year.
~ I need to do the blubHer Overhaul with you.
~ 398 blog posts I bet we all have been there at one time or another, we understand.

EE said...

Several years ago, Reilly had a puppy party. I had the best time planning it!!!!
If you have any good ideas for Christmas cards, pass them my way... I got nuthin'.

The Fritz Facts said...

I have been searching the thrift stores for costumes, I really don't want to pay full price.

I am in the middle of debating cameras, and that was one of the finalists...until I saw the SX10 IS. I think that is the one we are going to get when we have the money saved up.