Friday, July 13, 2007

He'd Make A Great Voice Over Actor For A Slasher Film

Our street is being repaved. It's about time. Before they actually do the repaving the gas company is putting in a new line. The road has been torn up for two weeks now. Yesterday the workers began digging up the street in front of our house. The boys, of course, wanted to watch them take their 23rd break of the day work.

I made the boys their lunch and they sat on our front steps to watch the progress. They loved watching the big trucks and machines do their jobs.

The boys were told to stay on the front steps and not bother the men. And because my children just follow the rules oh so much, I made sure to check on them every few minutes. Please note the sarcasm. I was in the kitchen just sure that one of them was peering down into the gaping hole in the pavement, while the other was climbing up on the side of a dump truck.

Anyway, I was getting R. a drink and I heard a blood curdling, high pitched scream. I ran to the door, not because I was scared someone got hurt, no, no, I ran to the door because I was embarrassed as hell! I know that scream. It's the scream of a completely dramatic 9 year old who screams like a girl.

I stuck my head out the front door and there was W. standing in the middle of the yard. He is pointing to the other side of the yard and yelling, "Bee!"

I look up at the two workers that have now stopped what they were doing. One places his hand over his heart and looks like he's seen a ghost. The other is just staring with his mouth wide open.

"Oh for God's sake W., you just gave those guys a heart attack!"

The two guys break out into hysterics.

"I swear, I can NOT wait until your voice changes!"


Mommy the Maid said...

Oh my goodness that is hysterical. You should get a soound recording of that. That kind of blackmail could be great for the teenage years. :D

Simply Hollie said...

everytime my daughter sees a BEE there is this well what do I call it a shreck that is so High pitched you think she could break glass, so I can so relate to this post!

Maria said...

I laughed at the noting of breaks. Whenever I have ever had anything that needs fixing in my house, I am always sort of stunned by this need for a break every 20 minutes.

I silently fume because I'm always afraid that if I say anything, I will alienate them and make them even go more slowly.

Yet, I used to do a lot of counseling and I can't imagine telling a client that had been twenty minutes and I was just going to step out to go out to my car and call my spouse and maybe listen to the radio for awhile....

EE said...

LOL!!! Of my three kids, my son is the screamer:o

Mrs. Fierce Shoes said...

How great will this story be to tell at their wedding? ha! Nothing like blackmail for Mom!