Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Mind Of A 3 Year Old

Yesterday R. was all wrapped up in her Princess towel after taking a dip in her kiddie pool. She was sitting next to me and talking my ear off, as is usual for my little chatterbox. She was telling me a story.

"W. hides his boogers."

"Oh he does, does he."

"Yes, he has a collection."

"Where does he keep this collection?"

"In a jar."

"That's pretty gross, isn't it?"

"Yea, and he puts the jar in the oven and cooks them!"

She is now giggling.


A little belly laugh emerges from under the towel.

"And then he puts them on a plate and eats them!!"

She's so dainty, isn't she, always the perfect little lady. That's what she gets for having two older brothers.

Later on that day we were all cuddled on the couch watching tv. I began to hear thunder off in the distance and knew we were in for a storm.

"It sounds like the Angels are warming up for another bowling game."

R.: "They are?"

"Yes, don't you hear the thunder?" And with that there was the thunder.

"Um Hum." she says very quietly as she looks out the window.

"Who's going to win tonight? The Angels or Grandpa?"

"Grandpa, but the Angels should really read a book."


"Because it's quieter!"

She snuggles in closer and I just know she is praying that the storm is over quickly.


Gingers Mom said...

The things our toddlers say. I love the whole angels bowling thing. Luckily my kids like thunderstorms like me. Boogers are endlessly funny at our house too.

Valerie said...

My parents used to tell us that it was the angels bowling too and now I carry that on with T.

Shauna said...

ROTFL. Boogers are insanely funny to toddlers.

Simply Hollie said...

gotta love conversation with a 3 yr old, she sounds divine! Found your blog while out on a blog walk today and throughly enjoyed my visit.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Toot seems to be the gross out term du jour over here!

I guess it's better than fart? ;)

Mommy the Maid said...

Boogers are so funny to kids. Well, they are still funny to us grown ups sometimes too LOL.