Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You want a piece of me?!

T. has been into showing off his "karate" moves lately. I'm constantly hearing, "Hi-Ya!" ringing through the house. He doesn't take karate classes, so I'm sure he got the idea from Spongebob and Sandy Cheeks. Spongebob Squarepants has been the cartoon du jour around here lately.

The other night I was relaxing and reading a magazine. T. ran over and did a side kick to the couch, "Hi-Ya!"

"Very nice T., you teach this couch a lesson!"

"Mom, smack me in the head."

"Um, why?"

"Just do it, hard." I tap him on the side of his head.

"NO! Harder." I tap him lighter on the top of his head.

"MA! I said harder!" I tap him a third time and barely graze his head.

"NO, like this!" He proceeds to crack me up side my head so hard I literally saw stars!

"You better take your little Karate kid butt outside before I regain consciousness!"


Life As I Know It said...

My son has been asking to take karate for the past year...I told him once he starts K then I'll sign him up for a Karate class. He moves around the house in Karate kicks and chops...must be a boy thing.

BTW, you have no idea how happy you made me when I read your comment on my 8 Things Meme! Literally, I had a 14 year old, short-of-breath-moment imagining you meeting Bruce AND giving Julieann a ride. I know. I'm pitiful.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

You aren't pitiful...I get celebrity crazy sometimes. I've been within inches of Jon Bon Jovi as well at a local festival. I felt really bad for him because he was with his wife and young child and fans just wouldn't leave them alone. They kept stopping him for autographs. His wife would stand by quietly. I mean leave them alone, clealy they were having family time. I said to his wife, "Wow, I give you a lot of credit" as I passed by her. She said, "I'm used to it." I guess you have to be. But I still felt bad for them.

Shauna said...

I want to know how quickly he ran when you said that! Great line!

Sugar Kane said...

What is it with little boys and karate? I don't think I can take another chop to the back. Guess I'm lucky it wasn't my forehead!

EE said...

I guess I shouldn't laugh, but it is too darn funny not to!

dieselfire said...

That's just one boy. Try getting it from three boys at the same time. Sometimes I feel like selling all 3 of them to a meat market or something.

Btw, Spongebob is also the cartoon du jour at my house.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

My girls are HOOOKED on their nightly Sponge Bob! ;)

Surviving Motherhood said...


p.s. sandy cheeks? for real? ha ha ha

Cece said...

LMAO! I've been smacked upside the head by my girls before! lol

DraMa said...


At least his smack was innocent! I get smacked when Monster is pissed at me! He's a hethen.

Damn Spongebob.

One Tough Momma said...

Explain that one to the emergency room doctor!

Elle said...

WHOOPS!!! lol

kristi said...

UGH...this is where my son learned the word stupid! From that nasty ol' Squidward.