Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Is That A Spot Of Brown On My Nose?

Today is the birthday of Mr. Schmitty's mother. She is a really awesome person, has been through a lot and then some in her years. Can she drive me crazy sometimes, absolutely, but I really couldn't ask for a better woman to have as my mother-in-law.

I helped the kids yesterday make birthday cards. And today when Mr. Schmitty gets home we will go visit and bring her the yellow flowers she loves so much. I will be making dinner and having a cake as well. Just to see her grandchildren will make her day special. She adores them so much.

And just in case you are thinking....I've been married for 15 years to Mr. Schmitty. This is in NO WAY a suck up, after that many years I don't suck up to nobody. I'm just saying. In case you were wondering.

She is just that deserving of a nice day! Happy Birthday Mom!

P.S. And because I can't have a post without sharing the funny things that come out of kid's mouths.

T. and I were watching Spongebob Square Pants last night. I hate to admit this, but I do really find that cartoon funny. Anyway T., and well W. too, have this obsession lately of hearing curse words in everything. Even if it's not really there. So we were watching an episode where Spongebob is trying to give his pet snail (Gary) a bath. He soaked up water into himself, because, well, he's a sponge, and squirted it toward Gary. Spongebob yells at Gary, "Gary, it's time to clean up your act!" And T. says, "Spongebob said ASS!"

"No T., his butt may be dirty too, but Nickelodeon would not let Spongebob use that language."


Anonymous said...

funny kids!

And my MIL's birthday is tomorrow, and we just got back from picking out cards and flowers.

I'll keep her, too!

Life As I Know It said...

My 5 year old loves sponge bob, but I rarely let him watch, as any intelligent 5 year old would do, he sneaks over to the neighbor's house to watch. I pretend I don't know...

Maria said...

I like Sponge Bob too...

And, take my mother in law...please.

homemom3 said...

My kids love Spongebob, but only watch it from time to time. Isn't it funny the things kids swear they hear just so they can say that word?

Zephra said...

Have you seen the Sailor mouth episode? The dolphin noises cover the cursing is hilarious.

Hi ya Patrick, How the (insert dolphin noise here) are you? LMAO gets me every time!

The Greens said...

I'm with Zephra...the sailor mouth episode is hilarious!

Happy birthday MIL!

Justice Fergie said...

SpongeBob is pure unadulterated comedy. He's even made my hubby laugh until he almost shed a tear (the episode where SpongeBob has a crush on Squirrel)

I'm convinced it's not really a kids cartoon :-)