Friday, April 06, 2007

New Design

So, how do you like my new blog design? Yay or Nay? It's my own design, I hope you enjoy it.

I believe it fits us. Always in the minivan, always a monkey wrench thrown into the works. Life's such fun, isn't it?

Mr. Schmitty particularly likes the bird poo-ing on his head. It made him chuckle. I love to make him laugh, the kids too, it makes my day.

Speaking of that, again today, we were in the minivan. We all went to see "Meet The Robinsons". Very cute, by the way. R. got a tad bored at times, but she had her baggie of Twizzlers with her so she was manageable. She hoarded them in her seat like a bag of pot, her own little dime bag of candy. And after the sugar rush hit, well she did get a bit delirious too. Hmmm...I may have to watch that girl!

Okay, got off track. We were driving, that's it...we were...well, Mr. Schmitty was driving and I swear that man can NOT multi-task. We needed to make a few stops before we got to the theater. Just three stops to be exact. Not 10, not 5, but only 3. If I were not sitting shot-gun I swear he'd still be circling the mall trying to remember where he needed to go. I guess it's my fault but I must have been overloading him. You know, he was driving and I was talking. Too much going on at once, you should see what happens when gum chewing is involved! Yeesh!

After each stop I would let him know where he had to go next. I would then repeat it when we got closer. He would shoot me a look that said, "I KNOW!" So when we were heading toward the last stop before the movies I kept my mouth shut. He drove right past the bank. While passing the driveway, I asked, "What about money? I think we need that." He doesn't say anything and drives up the highway and has to go alllllllllll the way around again. He pulls back out onto the highway. He almost passes the bank a second time. I don't say anything, I just point as he nearly runs over the curb to get in.

I said, "How the hell do you get home everyday from work?"

I love his laugh.


Maria said...

Oh, good lord...that post made me laugh. YES!! I have done that many, many times. Just tonight, we stopped at a friend's house to drop off a cd she was borrowing. I asked Bing to get this person's cell phone number when she ran it up to the door.

She got back to the car and of course, had forgotten to do that.

When we go anywhere, she gets dangerously rattled if we have more than 1 stop on the way.

I, on the other hand, often stop to mail a letter as I take Liv to school and then pick up muffins for work AND stop to buy dye at Walgreens.

And I like the new digs. Very, very NICE!

Justice Fergie said...

HA! That was hilarious. ANd sounds like exactly something I would say to my hubby. Men are incorrigible. And definitely not multi-taskers. But they are entertaining, aren't they?

My daughter is a "fruit snack junkie" so don't feel bad :-)

Love the new design. It's adorable. Kudos on doing it yourself!!

What kind of minivan do you have? We are in the market and I'm taking suggestions...

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Justice Fergie,
We have a Mazda MPV. I love it. And believe me I never thought I'd say that about driving a minivan, I SWORE I never would. But when R. decided to surprise us and be conceived only 6 weeks after the birth of T....well, I needed to put 3 cars seats in a vehicle. Thus, the minivan.

DraMa said...

Love the new look! Yes I do!

And those husbands... so silly. What would they do without us.

The Greens said...

I love the new template.

Sindy said...

Ohhhh, I can SO relate! LOL!

I love your design! GREAT job!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new template!

And I understand about the minivan. When I was preggo with #3 and saw my son climb IN a minivan and sit down in the seat, I said, "Oh, THAT will help me A LOT!" And it does.

Lovely, funny family you have there!

Babybull40 said...

That is halarious.. very funny indeed..