Monday, April 02, 2007

Just Checking In

I can't believe Easter is a week away. I.AM.NOT.READY! I've got to get a grip. I have to find and unpack our plastic eggs from the crawl space, gotta find those Easter baskets - God only knows where they are, buy some eggs to dye - oh yea, and have to locate the box of dye we bought a month ago, need to get to the store to finish buying stuff to put in those plastic eggs before all they have is black jelly beans - YUCK, I'm so happy W. had a school fundraiser for Easter candy, at least the kids will each get a chocolate bunny. I also have to start taking pictures, I want to send them on a scavenger hunt for their baskets. You hide plastic eggs with clues of places in the house which will lead them to the next clue in an egg and eventually their baskets. For those of you who celebrate Easter, what kind of fun traditions do you have?

On another note, thanks to Mom On Coffee for asking how I've been. I truly appreciate all of the concern and well wishes I have gotten from everyone! I've been a little better. I still have bouts of stomach pain, actually it's more like an ache, some nausea at times too. I think the Nexium is helping somewhat. My anxiety is a lot better, I've got more patience too with a little help from my friend Paxil. I still have bad nights with the sleep. I purchased a new mattress and it is helping a little bit, but I am tired a lot. I have to go for an endoscopy next Tuesday and I also have to schedule an ultrasound of my abdomen. Hopefully they will find something. At this point I just want a diagnosis so we can get this under control.

Well, my dear daughter R. is awake. She is yelling for me to come get her, why she just doesn't get out of her bed is beyond me.

P.S. I got the pictures of the litter of puppies we are interested in. We have to choose one we like - I'm excited. Though you all need to remind me of that when I start complaining that I must have been out of my mind to get a puppy!


Michele said...

When I was little, coloring Easter eggs was the bestest thing. I miss that, not having children, my husband one year surprised me by buying a dye kit for eggs at the store, set it all up on the table with hard boiled eggs and we had so much fun, just the 2 of us. Used the crayon tricks, and the elastic band tricks, and masking tape tricks and dipped them in the dyes, it was fun... Easter might seem a chore now for you, but when the kids are big and moved out, you will surely miss those times.

I hope you feel better soon with your health.
I like your blog, it's bright and easy to navigate.

Undercover Angel said...

I'm so far behind on my Easter shopping this year... We usually have an egg hunt and I've got to get shopping very soon...

Maria said...

This is going to sound totally crazy, but until I read your blog today, I had completely spaced Easter.

I know. I know. How stupid can I be? I have candy to buy, eggs to dye. I don't have to worry about Easter dinner (sister is having it), but I do have to bring a salad.

Jeez Louise, now I am panic stricken. It just snuck up on me.

The Greens said...

I am so not ready for Easter either!

Lisa said...

My kids finally got too old for the plastic eggs. They're teens now. So I enjoyed reading about your Easter plans.