Friday, March 30, 2007

Rocking Out!

Last night my sister-in-law, C., and I took her daughter, A., to the Justin Timberlake and Pink concert. Can I just tell you that I felt like a teenager again!! It was absolutely AWESOME! Pink opened up the show. She puts on an unbelievable performance! Her voice is so powerful. She has such great energy. And she is such a riot and loves to poke fun at herself. I loved her! And JT, that boy's got it goin' on! He can sing, dance, play piano and guitar, and he is ADORABLE! It was so nice to get out for a change and this was a great way to do it. I truly enjoyed myself.

My niece was surprised with the tickets. She had no clue she was going. I showed up at the house and she was getting ready to go to her dance class. My sister-in-law told her to put on jeans that she wasn't going. I think she thought she was in trouble for something. She asked her mom why she couldn't go and her mom filled her in. You should have seen the look on her face! She was utterly speechless, and for her that is a tremendous feat. I just can't believe her mom kept the secret for so long. I would have told her the day I bought the tickets!

She was really cute. Of course because of A.'s age everything her mom did or said was embarrassing her. So, C. and I took every opportunity we could to fluster her. It was all in fun, and she really was being a good sport. We were buying t-shirts and they had these itty bitty red silk shorts that said, "Sexy Back" across the butt. I told A. that her mom and I were each getting a pair and we would wear them to her birthday party in May. I said this loud enough for all the people around us to hear. I've never seen such pretty shades of red on a person's face!

Once inside the arena, A. lightened up. We danced together and she was even doing the bump with me! She was having a blast!

Concert Ticket: $100.00
Parking: $12.00
Tee-shirts: $115.00
Getting a hug from my niece after a night of dancing like maniacs and hearing,
"Aunt C. you rock!" : PRICELESS!


Oh, The Joys said...

Mastercard owes you money now!

Maria said...

I have always had this sort of sneaky love for Justin. I am 48 and should probably act like it, but I listened to his cd the other day and had me some fun.....

BlondeMom said...

Can I be your niece?!? ;)

They came to Nashville and I kept hinting around to my husband that I wanted to go, but he never got the hint. Sniff.

Justice Fergie said...

oh! how fun!

I SO need a pair of those shorts. In XL. lol.