Saturday, February 24, 2007

Health Update

First of all, thank you ladies for your comments of encouragement. It means so much to me. Mr. Schmitty took me to the doctor yesterday, I needed him for emotional support. He's so good to me. I feel like a baby, but who cares, I needed a hand to hold. The doctor listened to everything I had to say and pretty much confirmed what I thought. My problems all seem to be GAD. It's been a long time since I've had a complete physical so she is sending me for a million blood tests. I actually think I may need a transfusion after it. She also believes I may have some reflux or possible gastritis which is causing my stomach problems. She has started me on Nexium for the stomach and Paxil for the anxiety. She also gave me a perscription for Xanax, just to take "as needed" until the Paxil kicks in. That could take up to two weeks. She doesn't want me to take the Xanax all of the time as this drug is habit-forming and I'd have to be weaned off. It's a low dose and I'm hoping I don't need it too much. I did however need one last night. I had dinner plans with two of my oldest friends. Friends I don't see very often so I was not going to cancel. I was really excited about seeing them and thought it would be great for me to get out. Get my mind off of things. Wrong. I was enjoying the conversations and the catching up, but a little part of me felt like bolting from the restaurant. It was very strange. We spoke about it and one of my friends completely understood as she had gone through all of this a few years ago. We all seem to have the same theory that hormones are a culprit in all of our anxiety. I do believe I am in the early stages of menopause. It's very curious that I know SO many people that are on one form of anti-depressants or anxiety meds. Anyway, I was just happy to get home last night. I took one Xanax to help me relax and went to bed. Mr. Schmitty sat in bed with me until I drifted off, he's such a saint. I slept better than normal, though I did wake a few times. This morning I took my Paxil, and though I have been pretty tired all day, I have to say I don't feel that tremendous, anxious knot in my chest. I am hoping this is the start to some relief.


Maria said...

That is so wonderful that Mr. S hung out with you until you fell asleep. That kind of support is priceless.

And about the hormone thing...yeah. I went through early menopause about 3 years ago and I remember feeling many times that I just was not myself. I felt a little Jekyl and Hyde for awhile there.

Hope it gets better soon....

Rootietoot said...

I use wellbutrin and xanax(as needed). I found just a teeeeensy bit of xanax (I cut my tabs in quarters) will smooth an anxiety attack without making me sleepy. Hang in there til the paxil kicks in, and don't let it frustrate you if you have to try something else after a little while. Every person is different in the way they respond.
and...don't drink with the xanax, you'll get twice as drunk, twice as fast on half the booze.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that your are getting some relief - more of that to come.

And bravo for a supportive hubby!

Valerie said...

Hugs sweetie, your DH is a keeper for sure. I hope the meds kick in soon so you can start to feel better.

Justice Fergie said...

Sounds like things are looking up already. And can I just say that Mr. Schmitty sounds absolutely wonderful.

Mom on Coffee said...

It sounds like your appt went as well as could be expected and your Doc appreciated what you're going through. I can't imagine travelling the road I have without a supportive husband, I'm so glad you have that too.

The Green Family said...

Oh my...I just checked in and read your posts.
I am so sorry you have been suffering like that.
My father has the EXACT same thing (even the excat same medications)
It has been about 5 years now for him....Five years of bliss!
No anxiety, tons more patience, and good nights sleep(sometimes he does need to nap during the day).
I pray that your body responds positively to the medication so you can be free to enjoy your wonderful family.
Be blessed and have peace!

Lainey-Paney said...

Good luck. I hope it all helps!