Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where's my walker?

I am officially old and out of shape. I spent the whole day putting things together. All with T. and R. underfoot, hence the time frame of a "whole day". First I hammered and screwed together R.'s new "big girl bed". I did this all by hand mind you, as the instructions said not to use an electric screwdriver. And let me tell you there was a lot of turning that screwdriver, I think I now have carpal tunnel in my right wrist. So please excuse any of my typos. T. and R. tried, of course, "helping". Though the thought was very sweet, I was able to distract them with some bubble wrap. I just love that bubble wrap! Nevermind Christmas presents next year, the kids are getting some bubble wrap!

Anyway after FINALLY getting the bed done I tortured my wrist some more and assembled a step stool for R. so she could actually get her little muchkin body IN the bed. Then, so she didn't fall OUT and break her butt, I needed to set up a bedrail. I vacuumed then moved the dresser to the other side of the room. Last but not least I disassembled the crib. No more babies in my house! Shit, I think I just lost my breath. The impact of that just hit me right in the chest. Okay, over it. Kind of, but moving on....

R. was very good about the crib coming down. Why you might ask? The Little Mermaid Vanity that she got for Christmas, that's WHY! It had been left in the box until that very moment. Out with the crib, in with the vanity. Now, would you complain?

I'm hoping for a full nights rest and that R. stays asleep ALL the way through until morning. She actually passed out on the floor in front of the tv tonight. She didn't even get a chance to climb up that step stool herself. But then again, she didn't have a chance to freak out that she wasn't going in her crib.

Please say a prayer for me tonight that she doesn't wake up. I'm afraid I'll jump up when she calls, forgetting about my day. After all of that physical labor, I'm sure my old, creeky body will hit the floor. If I don't post tomorrow, please call an ambulance.


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to see how last night went! Big girl bed - what a big step. My sweetpea is 2 and is ready for a big girl bed, but alas, I'm not! She's content, for now, so I'll try to hold off.

My other 2 kids got their big beds at the same time - it IS such a big deal.

And oh, by the way, if you are talking about that Ariel Salon, my Princess got it for Christmas, and she just figured out how to turn it on. Heaven help me...

Let us know how you all are today!!

Valerie said...

I remember putting T in his bog boy bed and how great I thought it was going to be. Yeah he hated that car bed with a passion. Good thing I need not buy it. I figured out later that the bed is just too small. T now has a full size bed and trust me he sleeps all over it. I hope your night went well, I will be checking back later for a update.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I'm still alive. R. woke up twice. The first time I was still awake, the second she had gotten herself sideways and I think was a tad confused. But I straightened her out and she went right back to sleep. She did get up really early though. But no complaints and no questions on where her crib was. She was 3 in October but is very tiny for her age...she looks so little even in a twin bed!

The Green Family said...

Oh the horror of...some assembly required!

I bet your wrist was hurting all night.

Happy night night time!