Monday, January 22, 2007

Time to reevaluate

Have you ever watched the new show Heroes? I have to say I love it. It begins again tonight after taking a short break. But really that's not exactly what this post is about.

I wasn't sure if tonight was the night that it was starting again. So I wanted to find the official website and check. I went to Google and typed in Heroes. I figured I'd have to browse through a few pages until I found what I was looking for. I didn't. The TV show Heroes has the first four listings as well as most of the other listings on pages 1-3. I stopped looking after page 3. Something seems seriously wrong with that. Am I wrong?


Valerie said...

your right something is completely off when it takes you 4 google pages to find something on a real hero and not a TV show.

SJ said...

You have to go to to find it. Most shows are by the network webpages these days. ... what? Okay, so I'm a total geek who watches tv online when I miss it, fine.