Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm A Lucky Lady, In More Ways Than One

Our elementary school's PTA Installation Dinner and Chance Auction was held on April 30th. Again, I was on the committee and after working my fingers to the bone, I attended my big night out on the town.

I look forward to it, it's a yearly thing for me. Yeah, I know, I need a life.

It's a fun night of friends, food, and drink. And of prizes; well, for some of us.

I won five baskets!!!

But with winning, there comes a price and needless to say, I felt the dagger eyes being thrown my way. This year there were even a few snarls coming from my own table! Some get so mad when they don't win. And if someone around them wins more than once? WOW!

I once got pelted with a piece of salt water taffy! Those PTA moms can be brutal.

What a few don't understand is this; in order to win, you've got to spend a decent amount of money. You know, increase your odds. I always drop some bucks. Like I said, this is my big night out for the year. Again, I know, I'm lame.

But it's all good. They let me live.

So, more about my winnings.

I won a doggie basket for my pup. There were all kinds of goodies and a $30 gift card to PetSmart. Ruby was thrilled and smelled the treats the second I got home. She was all over me as I walked in the door.

I actually won the same prize, twice. It was two separate baskets for admittance of 10 people to a local comedy club. I guess I put my entries in both baskets to up my chances. So, now I can have a big party with 20 or two nights with 10 friends.

For the kids, I received two books loaded with ride tickets to Jenkinson's Boardwalk at the Jersey Shore. Also included were four passes to their aquarium. Sweet prize that will make for a fun family day.

Lastly, I scored a Mother's Day Brunch for 4 at Branches, which is a fancy local banquet hall. In the basket was also a $50 gift certificate to a florist.

Yay me!

On Mother's Day, we dressed up and The Schmitty clan arrived at our 10:30 reservations at Branches.

The place is gorgeous.

The kids were looking a bit nervous as we usually dine at family style restaurants. I think they felt like the Clampetts dining at Tavern on the Green.

We ventured toward the doors which lead to the buffet. The spread of food took up two rooms! There was everything from an omelet station, to a carving table with a huge turkey, to seafood, to fresh fruit, to bagels and muffins, to desserts.

We chowed down!!

The kids never ate so well. They not only loved all of the options, they knew if they ate everything on their plates the could head to the chocolate fountain and candy table.

Yes, there was a candy table!

I thought the kid's eyes were going to bug out of their heads. There were bags for them to fill up with all kinds of goodies; rock candy lollipops, Twizzlers, chocolates, gummy worms, you name it.

The chocolate fountain was a huge hit too. We dipped strawberries, pretzels, and rice krispie treats.

Back at the table, amongst smiling faces, the Schmitty kids gorged on their sweets. R. turned to me and said, "This is the BEST day EVER!"

Yes baby, yes it is!



I LOVE IT! Congrats on your winnings...and I too am lame...I love those kinds of things. The room looked gorgeous...and the daughter picture was priceless...she will hate you when she is older for that one.

meleah rebeccah said...

Congrats on all your winnings! Im glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day and chocolate faces are the best!

Anonymous said...

Look at your lucky winnings! How cool is that! I love the pictures too, the face is wonderful!

Dawn said...

Girl, I want to go to Vegas and sit right next to you.

And, truth be known, I'd probably be one of those nasty PTA moms throwing taffy at you. But, only because I would have forgotten that you put more tickets in. LOL!

congrats on all your loot.

I LOVE that picture of your daughter. She really was enjoying her chocolate!! Ha!!

Glad you had a great Mother's DAy!