Saturday, August 01, 2009

Definitely NOT a Kodak Moment

Tonight, after attending a wake together, our best friends came back to our house for a drink of wine and a bite to eat.

We all sat around my dining room table, eating, drinking, and talking.

Suddenly, as he stared at me with widened eyes, Mr. Schmitty said, "OH! I forgot, I have to show you something!!"

"Uh-oh, that doesn't sound like a good thing!" I responded as I mocked a concerned look. Everyone at the table laughed.

Mr. Schmitty approached me carrying a Nintendo DSi. As each of my children owns one, I wasn't sure who was the subject matter for the situation.

"Okay, who did what?" I inquired, still giggling as I figured I was about to see something very funny.

For those of you that do not know, the DSi has a built in camera and comes with software that allows you to manipulate photos into hilarious pictures.

Mr. Schmitty handed me the opened, blue DSi. I glanced down and the smile was immediately erased from my face. My mouth hit the floor and I let out a sound, one I can't really describe. It was one of utter disbelief.

I slammed the DSi shut.

I looked up at all of those around me. Their eyes questioned.

"Oh My God!! Did...did...did you talk to him?!" I asked Mr. Schmitty.

"No. I haven't had a chance."

"When did you find THAT?!" I asked.

"At the doctor's office."


I was completely flabbergasted.

My son, my middle, innocent child, T. had taken not one, but TWO close up pictures of his "WENIS", as he likes to call it.

It looked like kiddie porn!!

I quickly deleted the photos. Just then T. came up to me. He saw the DSi in my hands and asked if it were his.

"UM yea....and I'm not too happy about what I saw on it."

He began to chuckle.

"NOT funny, dude. We NEED to talk."

Please someone tell me that raising boys gets easier!!!


kristi said...

Ugh..what is it with men and their WENISES?? LOL!

Patois said...

Oy. Boy.

Jen said...

Oh lord! As far as I know my boy has never done that. I'm sure it will happen sooner or later though. The kid is fascinated with his equipment. Just like a typical male.

Baloney said...

That is FUNNY!
Several times Michael has brought me pictures of his naked bum sitting on my copier.
Not enough windex in this world...

Karly said...

I just spent the morning telling me son to quit grabbing it, it's not going to fall off, I promise it's still there, OH MY GOD, JUST LEAVE IT ALONE.

So, yeah, I don't think it get's easier. Like, ever.

Scout's Honor said...

Nope, I think not. We found a water balloon condom on a Star Wars Lego today that I wrote about on my blog today.

Last month, my husband who has taken to monitoring everything our twelve year old does on his computer found he had edited a Wikapedia section based on a school project subject (which was why he was allowed 'puter access in the 1st place) that included something about "eating penises."

Why? Because he thought it was "funny." One of many reasons Wikipedia is not a reputable site.

Boys! Sigh.

I have so many gray hairs, it's not funny.

♥georgie♥ said...

okay but but but...I can laugh cuz i am ahead of you in the grand scheme of boy things...I did laugh but only a little and only b/c i have been there before...
dont hate me...pretty please...

this will pass......then it's on to bigger and better things...I SWEAR!
I am a bad bloggy friend...cuz i shoulda said OMG no he didnt lol...just keepin it real...
soooo wanna be my roomy for blogher 2010? we need sponsors yanno?

Leslie said...

Ha ha ha! This cracked me up.

Although, I guess it would be a lot less funny if someone else had found it.

Boys and their wenises.

The Fritz Facts said...

Oh did that talk go. glad we don't have those, I am sure I would end up with a picture like that on it. lol

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Oh wow! That is...well, weird. Why didn't he just get a mirror if he wanted to see it.

My uncle found his digital camera one time with photos of my cousin and my cousin's girlfriend's boobs. Yeah, my uncle was really, really, really NOT happy.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I makes you wish for the good old days when you knew you couldn't tae pics of anything because, someone would have to develop it.