Wednesday, January 07, 2009

She's Got A Language All Her Own

My daughter is famous in our house for saying words incorrectly. Although I do correct her, I find her versions absolutely adorable. I even catch myself using her darling utterances from time to time.

Like most preschool girls, she just loves her stuffed animals. She can't get enough of them. Well, except for bedtime when she is trying to stall. Then her "Stufties" are staring at her and she just, "CAN'T go to sleep, mama!" I have to turn each one around so all she sees is their "Tuckus". Okay, I'll admit, she stole that last one from me, but it sounds doubly cute coming out of her mouth.

And speaking of "Stufties", she owns at least four or five "Dognations", which are her favorite puppies. Her love for them came from watching Disney's 101 "Dognations" ~ a hundred and one times.

Oh, and just the other day, she added a new word to her long list of R.ism's.

She and T. were stapling stacks of papers together. Incidentally, it was my paper, the paper from my office, the paper I use for my business, the paper they have been told not to use, numerous times ~ at least a hundred and one. Okay, I'll stop that now.

And I wonder why my business isn't raking in the dough.

But I digress.

After T. apologized for taking my paper without permission, AGAIN, he asked me how to spell, "T.'s Picture Book."

Oh how creative!

He wrote out each letter on the cover of his stack of stolen stapled papers. R. then grabbed her pen and asked me to spell, "R.'s diarrhea."

"So I can write my secrets, mama."

I corrected her, 'cause diarrhea's not so precious, no matter who says it.


Leslie said...

Ha ha! I love the, "So I can write my secrets."

Chris said...

LOL! Too cute. Sounds like a great name for a blog. My little one has a bunch of those. She's always telling me that she's "saucy" and "homises" she won't do it again.

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh that is just great! I love it.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I love it. There arr things my kids say too that carry on for quite some time even among the adults.

Tiddly Inks said...

I think it is funny! It has double meaning...diary...diarrhea...same thing. LOL

Mine says lots of funny stuff, but not that funny. They must have inherited their funny-ness from their mama.

The Fritz Facts said...

How adorable...and hilarious.

Boo has her own words too, and they are cute. At least they were until her teacher brought them up at conferences.

Mrs4444 said...

So, so cute. Thanks for the belly laugh. (Or maybe I'm just extra happy, having found out that i have no school tomorrow!!!)

EE said...

LOL! Love it!