Saturday, September 27, 2008

Like A Scene In A Romance Novel

My MIL and SIL sat for the Schmitty kids last night. They were sweet enough to watch them so Mr. Schmitty and I could go out for an anniversary dinner.

We decided on a Mexican restaurant a few towns away. Mr. Schmitty hates Mexican food, but knows I love it. Ah, the sacrifices that man will make for his bride of sixteen years. Thankfully they had steak on the menu.

After I ate my yummy enchiladas and a basket of chips and salsa, we looked at each other with expressions that said, "Now, what?!"

Hmmmmm......."Well, we need milk and bread!" I announced.

Can you even stand it? I just ooze romance from every pore!

Yea, kind of like a festering pimple. Heh.

We decided to swing by the mall and look for raincoats for the kids. It's always about those damn kids, isn't it?


Can you say, "Teenagers are annoying?" After spying the droves of huddled teens in the food court with their cell phones beeping, thumbs texting, voices screeching, hair flipping, cleavage bursting, jeans sagging, eyes oggling, and skirts seeming to shorten by the second, the hubs and I vowed to lock R. up for the rest of her life.

On the way home, after I picked up a Venti Sweetened Black Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbucks, I said to Mr. Schmitty, "A babysitter and we're already on our way home. We suck."

We chuckled and came to a red light.

I looked at Mr. Schmitty, "Chinese fire drill?!"

He started laughing. The light turned green, "Oh shucks, it's green." hmpf.

We passed an upscale furniture store and he asked, "Wanna go in and jump on the beds?"

"Well, it is our anniversary, think they'd mind if we tested out the mattresses?"

"Excuse me sir, does this bed squeak?"

We pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. The two of us wiping the tears of laughter from our cheeks.

I called over to him as we walked up the path to the door, "Hey laimo, happy anniversary!"

I planted a kiss on his lips. Suddenly in the distance, as if on cue, we heard, "Pop, Pop, Poppity-Pop!"

"Well, so much for the fireworks, all we can muster is a few lousy firecrackers!"

We laughed until our stomach muscles ached.

And this my friends, is the pathetic life of an old married couple on their 16th wedding anniversary.

Can you imagine what our 25th will be like? I'm just giddy and burning with anticipation!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

love and laughter isn't that what its all about? those are the things that will get you throught the next 16 years..

Jill said...

I agree with the Queen there. That sounds like a great celebration to me!

Zephra said...

We went to Walmart for one of our anniversaries. I had a good time though.

Mrs4444 said...

Sounds like a sweet night. So happy that you are still laughing together :)

Tricia said...

This does in fact sound like the perfect anniversary celebration. Congrats on 16 years!

Mandy said...

I love this post. :) Hope you had a great anniversary.

Megryansmom said...

Happy Anniversary from a fellow Secret Santa.

Laura said...


A marriage with no laughter is well,, I think it is great that you two have the laughter in your heart!

Happy anniversary!

meleah rebeccah said...

Aw. That was a wonderful anniversary date story. I loved the jumping on the mattresses part.

But, I can't believe you braved The Mall on a Friday night.


Mommy Cracked said...

LOL! This sounds like my husband and I. Happy Anniversary!!

georgie said...

awwwwww Happy Anniversary!
mr gp and i go away to a lil town called Eureka Springs Ar every yr in feb for our anniversary-no beans and we can hug and kiss without the uggghhhsss and yucks coming from beans mouths

The Fritz Facts said...

You laughed and loved, that is the best thing.

We are always home early on our is the same time at duck hunting opener...shows how I rate.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Thank you everyone for your comments!! :)

Mrs. R said...

I agree with Queen. Love and laughter are the best parts of marriage. Happy Anniversary.