Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's A Few More Grey Hairs?

W. began to complain of a pain in his chest. Those words being uttered from W.'s mouth, are ALL I need to hear, to get thrown into a tizzy. A full fledged freak out moment of concern is completely justified because of THIS and THIS. I went into panic Mommy Mode and proceeded to badger the crap out of ask him a million and one few questions.

"Where exactly does it hurt?"
"Does it hurt to breathe?"
"Is it hard to breathe?"
"Does it hurt anywhere else?"
"Do you feel dizzy?"
"Do you know where mommy's Xanax is?"

He pointed to the area above his stomach and with his finger made a circular motion.
It only hurts when he sits up or moves in a certain direction.
He had a slight headache.
He thought it was next to the empty bottle of wine.

Mr. Schmitty and I agreed that it was better to be safe than sorry. He grabbed his car keys and insurance card so he could take W. to the emergency room. I made sure he had money, as he might have to grab lunch and dinner a snack from the vending machine. More than likely he'd be sitting all freaking day a while in the waiting room.

The doctor did an EKG and a chest X-ray. He examined W. and assured Mr. Schmitty that it was not his heart or his lungs. He believed it was muscular from swimming and playing. W. just needs to take it easy for a few days and the pain should clear up.


Did you feel that? That rush of air? That was me, I finally stopped holding my breath.


Mrs. Chicken said...

Thank goodness! Happy all is well.

sam said...

Thank Gawd! I've been thinking about you guys all afternoon!

Queen Goob said...


L'Oreal makes great hair color, take my word, I know!

The Fritz Facts said...

Thanks goodness!! So glad he is okay!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Mrs. Chicken, Sam, Queen Goob, and The Fritz Facts:

Thanks ladies for the comments. My eldest child is really going to make me lose it one day. Poor kid, he just can't get a break. Thank goodness, it wasn't anything serious this time.

EE said...

So happy W. is ok!!!!!
Scary stuff.

Jay said...

Yep, they'll certainly scare you white, won't they? I'm so glad it was nothing much. It must be scary having a child with heart problems - I hope that in future he continues problem free.

Zephra said...

Good Lord what a scare.

Laura said...

Whew! So happy things are OK. Thank goodness!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I am so glad it wasn't anything bad!
A whole day at the ER oodles of fun!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

My son had pains like this when he was growing; just growing pains, but they are very real. Glad it was nothing serious.

Day Dreamer said...

Oh, I know I'm reading this late, but I felt that rush of air still.

I've been there in the worry (freak out) department. I completely understand!

I'm so very glad he's okay.