Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stop Calling Me Evander!

Last week W. and I went for our annual dermatology appointments. After writing this post, I was a little anxious to go. I've never had any major problems in the past, just a few benign moles removed, as a precaution. Yet, I always worry because of the frequent sunburns I had during my teen years.

W. has been seeing Dr. M. for about four or five years. He has Vitiligo and some very large moles. Nothing can be done for the Vitiligo, we've tried steroid creams, to no avail. His moles are more the issue, so she measures and photographs them. She has hinted that some may need to come off in the next few years. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

When he was done with his checkup he hopped off the table and started playing his new Guitar Hero for DS, that he got for his birthday. I replaced him on the table and the Dr. started examining me.

"Did you always have this mole on the back of your ear?" She asked me.

"I don't know, I can't really see the back of my ear. Why? Is it bad?" I nervously responded.

"No, just I've never seen it and it's pretty dark. I'm going to take it off."

When W. heard this, he jumped right up.

"Can I watch?" Boys, they are so gross.

The doctor numbed the area with a needle prick. Thankfully needles don't bother me much, because W. kept telling me what was coming, step by step.

Suddenly he yells, "OW MOM, that must have hurt! EWWWW! You have a hole in your ear!"

Then he asks the doctor, "Can I see the mole? COOOOOL! Can I keep it?!"

He was totally serious and TOTALLY disappointed when he was told it needed to go to the lab.

Boys, they are SO gross. But I think we already established that.

Today I finally took off the bandage for good. I've been cleaning the wound and replacing the Spiderman Bandaid every day. Yes, Spiderman, what can I say, that's all I had. It was very much a fashion statement all week.

I decided to get a good look to see how it was healing. The mole was removed on the edge of my ear, more toward the back, right in the middle. I bent my ear forward and looked in the mirror.

OH.MY.GOD.I'VE.GOT.A.HOLE.IN.MY.EAR!! It looks like a small animal took a chunk out of my ear or one of the kids got me with a hole punch. In hindsight, I'm not sure, but I may have taken my chances with that mole because OH.MY.GOD.I'VE.GOT.A.HOLE.IN.MY.EAR!!

If Mr. Schmitty calls me Evander Holyfield one more time, I swear he's going to get an uppercut to the jaw!

UPDATE: Hey wanted a picture, here it is!! Though the picture doesn't do it much justice as you can't see the depth OF.THE.HOLE.IN.MY.EAR!! *snort.


Laura said...

Boys - gotta love 'em.

Holes in the ear - gotta hate 'em.

Hubby - well...your are stuck with'em!!! He better watch out and protect his face, I would hate to be on the receiving end of a good strong upper cut!!!

Super B's Mom said...

OUCH. Bless your heart.

The Fritz Facts said...

That is the main reason I never have Hunter with me at the dr. HE would love to see that too.

I have one on my ear that the dr is watching. Hope it doesn't cause a hole...

Day Dreamer said...

Husbands, you got to love them!! LOLOLOLOL.........Sounds like our husbands would SO get along!

(I'm glad you didn't take your chances! Hole or no hole!)

BusyDad said...

Spiderman band-aids are SO gangsta.

Thanks for the b-day wishes the other day :)

EE said...

LOL! I think we need to see this. Picture please...

Jennifer H said...

I must be part boy, because I would have watched, too. (I watch plastic surgery shows, too, without flinching.)

But, ouch!