Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ann Landers Need Not Worry

W. has been attending camp at our church since last week. Our church offers C.C.D. classes from September-May which are an hour, once a week, after school. Or the children can register for a two week, half day, summer camp.

We opt for the summer camp for two reasons. 1. During the school year there is too much homework and throwing religion classes in, as well, becomes stressful for W. and 2. W. has so much more fun at camp because they do more than just sit in a classroom and read from a book. He does religious crafts, they sing, and they even put on a performance of what they have learned. The last day, tomorrow, the families go to church and watch as they sing, pray, and speak about God. W. has a speaking part this year and is very proud of himself. Though I'm not sure if he's prouder than his mom. I never get over how much confidence that boy can have.

Today he came home from class with some papers he worked on. One of the worksheets was an advice column. There were three "letters" with questions and W. was to give his advice on each one.

Here is an excerpt:

"I live in an apartment building. Sometimes I forget and slam the door when I'm leaving. It's happened twice this week. My neighbors called my mom to complain. How can I get out of this mess?
Mr. Forgetful

W. answered:

"You could leave the door open and let your parents close it.

Brilliant and So Absolutely W.!


Jennifer H said...

He's on to something there!

Jay said...

LOL! That boy will go far!

Amy W said...

That's funny!

Bonnie the Boss said...

That kid is thinking.

The Fritz Facts said...

So simple...wish that really worked.

EE said...

That IS brilliant!