Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School Days

There are only 10 more full days and 5 more 1/2 days until W. gets out of school for summer. I am SO ready for 4th grade to be over! It has not been an easy year.

W. is a very smart boy. I am quite thankful for that, because when it comes to doing his work, well, he's not exactly enthusiastic. Actually, he's quite lazy. He needs someone to keep the fire under his butt lit, at all times.

He has always had a teacher willing to fan the flames. That is, until this year. In grades K-3 he got the "tough teacher". The one that would push the kids to try harder, the one that would expect a lot, the one that would call me if my kid wasn't working to his potential.

I loved it. It kept him in line and he did what he had to do.

This year, quite honestly, he got a bit of a slacker for a teacher. And I was warned. OH.WAS.I.WARNED! Every time I told someone who W. was having for a 4th grade teacher, I would get, "Oooohhhhh" - and then complete silence. It wasn't looking good. She has quite the reputation for not really giving two poops. I kept hearing that she did the minimum. She also let the kids watch a lot of movies in class.

What was she doing? Sleeping in the back of the room? Watching movies. Are you kidding me? And they weren't even educational!

But what could I do? The school was very strict on not honoring class changes and I couldn't really request a switch because, "I hear through the parental grapevine that this teacher sucks!"

So, I became the co-teacher this year and built a bonfire. I roasted W. like a marshmallow, to keep him on track.

About a month and a half ago, we received a letter home that stated his teacher was taking a leave of absence for the remainder of the year. She had to have surgery and there was going to be a substitute filling in. I thought, "A reprieve!!!"

Yea.right. I couldn't imagine a worse teacher. Now I can. Oy Vey! This one can't seem to get a grip, at all. I don't think she can keep up with the daily work and is sending home lots of it for homework. I think I should have my teaching credentials any day now. Though she sends home the work, she must not have time to go over it because the papers will sit in W.'s folder for days. I questioned him on it and he said that sometimes they don't go over it at all(this was confirmed by other moms with kids in his class). HUH?

I think the school should listen to Calvin:

I just keep counting down the days. Next year has got to be better than this, Right?! Maybe I can't predict that, but I do know two things; I know who T. and R. will not have for 4th grade and I know that I'll be saving some bucks on an end of the year teacher's gift!


Bonnie said...

It is amazing how much a bad teacher can ruin a child. What a difference those who care can make. You are amazing, being there instead of complaining!!!I think you should get the end of the year gift.

Jennifer H said...

I've been lucky so far with my kids' teachers (especially my sons' 3rd grade teacher this year...she really kept him on track), but I'm holding my breath.

I hope your son has more luck for next year.

Shelli said...

Looking forward to this as David starts Kindergarten in the Fall. I know the quality of teaching can be hit or miss. Kudos to you for being a very involved parent!!

Zephra said...

Thats to bad. 4th grade is a big busy year. It seems to be the transition year from "baby school" to the "big time" as my kids tell me.

Super B's Mom said...

OF COURSE it will be better. There will be girlfriends, remember? :P

The Fritz Facts said...

Some subs are great, and some are down right useless!! Go to the principal so they don't have her back again. Waste of alive.

Lisa said...

I hate crappy teachers. Good for you for being super mama & picking up the slack!!!

kristi said...

Yes, I totally understand. My son, being special needs was basically ignored last year. And this year he sort of got handed off to others because I don't think his teacher was truly capable of handling him. :( Hopefully next year will be better for us both!