Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Mr. Schmitty and I don't fight very often. We bicker, pretty much daily, but that's because I am a hormonal bitch (I have PCOS and PMDD) wife who is convinced she also has OCD (though as Momo Fali has pointed out, should be called CDO) and he is a 10 year old trapped in a man's body husband who definitely should be on Ritalin. A combination like that? Yeah, there's going to be bickering. But really? All and all out fighting? We don't do a whole lot of that.

We have, however, had this one long running feud. It actually started before we even got married. Every so often it rears it's ugly head and we both get miffed and sulk for a while. It then gets buried until the next time it crops up out of nowhere.

It's the silliest quarrel. Our taboo subject becomes heated, basically, because we have differences in our likes and our dislikes.

You see, I've always wanted a tattoo. I've wanted to get inked since I was in my late teens. Mr. Schmitty, he's old school, he HATES tattoos, especially on women.

He thinks they are disgusting. I think they are a form of art.

Now mind you, I'm not looking to get a sleeve done, or an eagle across my back. I only want a small, delicate tat on my ankle. Something symbolic, but not the M on each cheek, as he suggested. You know so it says, "MOM" and when I stand on my head, "WOW". Bastard.

His other solution? Get temporary ones, "Then you can can change them and aren't stuck with the same one." What am I? 5 years old?

No matter what my argument, he wasn't having it. He didn't care how small it was going to be. He made me know he really, REALLY doesn't like them.

I was pissed. I normally would have run right out and gotten it anyway. But I decided I would stay away from the tattoo parlours, for him.

But you know what? It's been decades and I still want one. It's been decades and I.STILL.WANT.A.TATTOO! So, why shouldn't I get one? I told him I would never prevent him from doing something he wanted to do that badly. He seemed to understand.

I think.

I haven't completely decided that I am going through with it. Now that I am 41, do I look like a fool getting my first tattoo? Is it a mid-life crisis?

I am contemplating this design: What do you think?

It is a Celtic (I am from Irish descent) symbol. It is the Motherhood Knot. The interlocking heart itself is the mother. The dot or heart within is the child, in the arms, surrounded by the love of the mother. Each dot I have added represents each of my children's birthstones.

Now, to tell Mr. Schmitty I've got a new blog post. be continued.........


Bonnie said...

I am not for tattoos. That being said. At least you are not a stupid teenager doing it out of rebellion. You are a responsible adult. Would you be okay with your kids getting one? I am not asking to be cheeky, just curious. I tell mine not to drink Diet Coke because it is bad for you, and yet I would love to have a Diet Coke I.V. put in.
I had a friend once. (Cannot even remember her name.) I do remember however that she had a big green train tatooed across her belly, just about button level. Can you even imagine what that looked like when she was 9 months pregnant? Or even after with the stretch marks running through it. Yikes.

Christine said...

I've wanted a tattoo cince I was in college..that's WAY long.

The thing is, I could never come up with a design/symbol I knew I was willing to live with forever.

I don't have anything profound to offer you. All I can say is close your eyes and imagine your future...what do you see there?

Go with that.

Christine said...

BTW, sorry for the typos.

Zephra said...

Looks cool but painful. I admit I have thought about it through the years. Thankfully I am to cheap to do it.

Laura said...

I am not really into tattoos..but I have no problem with tasteful ones...and I must say, I really like the design you decided on. It is very nice.

I was laughing my butt off while reading this post - it is too funny - thanks for sharing...I look forward to an update!

Jennifer H said...

My husband is the same way. I don't want one very badly at all, in fact hardly at all, but the idea that he hates them so much makes it tempting. Still, I'm not sure I could find a design I would be happy with for the rest of my life.

The design you've chosen is lovely, especially because it has meaning. Good luck with whatever you decide!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a tattoo person either (although the Celtic design is lovely!)

My sister got a little red rose tattooed on her ankle when she turned 40. Maybe it IS a mid-life thing!

I'd be afraid of the consequences!!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be the first to point this out. Um...Schmitty? If you tat M's on your butt and stand on your head, it would read "WOW," not MOM! But if you put W's on your butt, it would say MOM when you stood on your head (but WOW when you're just standing there.) Not sure how big your butt is, but I think you're wise to reject that idea!

Maria said...

I have a tattoo and I regret it. I got it in a drunken stupor in college, though. It was not a well thought out decision. And it is just...(gag me) SO trite. A rose. On my...hip.

I detest it.

But...hey...if you really, really want one, I will fight for your right to get one.

And I think it is pretty cool that your biggest argument is with tatts. Ours is money. We are both very much saver. However, I think she is a cheapskate and she thinks I am not a good bargain hunter. It can get very messy.

~jtm said...

Hi...stumbled upon your blog from somewhere (maybe Britt?)..anywho, love your style. As for tat', 'em! I, too, wanted one since my teens and finally got my first one when I turned 40, a bat on my ankle. Since then I've gotten 3 more, ying/yang symbol on my lower back, bleeding heart on my neck and 2 black rosebuds on my chest in memory of my mom (she had 2 rose buds on hers).. fortunately my husband loves them although he won't get his own. Sorry, not much help here...just wanted to say I know where you are coming from.

Jen said...

I think that's a lovely design. I say go for it!

I've known for a while that I want a tattoo with the flowers of my children's birth months plus a bud for the month my surro-son was born but I just can't decide where I want it. The ankle might be nice. It's one place on me that probably won't get droopy and saggy on me but I've heardit's kind of a painful spot.

The Fritz Facts said...

I have three tattoos. I love them. My husband will be getting his first hopefully this summer. I don't have them in obivous places...well two of them aren't anyway. You can't see two, and the one is tasteful.

I love the art of them, people go all out on some. A friend has his son's name in huge letters across his chest, and that isn't for me. I want one more with my kids footprints, going down my shoulder. Something 99% of people will not see, but is for me.

Anonymous said...

I’ve tagged you again. When you’re ready!

Momo Fali said...

I also want a tattoo, but my husband hates them. I even tried to get him liquored up in Vegas so he'd agree I should get one, but he wouldn't budge.

meleah rebeccah said...

I love that idea/drawing for a tattoo.

(ps....I have CDO per Momo Fali too!)

Leigh said...

I couldn't get one myself-but If you still want one after all these years and you are 41 years old, then get one. He should be more accepting. Will it embarrasss him or just disgusting? Wear a bandaid around him if it bothers him so.
I think the symbol is nice. Your a big girl and it isn't like you are making a decision to make changes to yourself and your body.
I would talk to him, sit down and have a heart to heart, maybe he will coem to realize hw important it is to you. I would hope he would support you to save face.

Perhaps you can go to him and say, "honey, I decided afterall that I would like to get the mom design..."

(that was classic!)

slackermommy said...

I think it's very cool and you should do it. The two of you should be able to come up with a compromise. You could do a small one like on the back of your neck or above your butt crack. That way you get your tattoo and it's in a place where the hubs doesn't have to see it all the time unless you have super short hair and doggy style sex every night.

Mrs. R said...

Love the design, and its meaning. As far as whether or not to actually do it--well, here's how I'd approach the situation.

I'd carefully ponder my husband's attention to detail. Since he doesn't have any, I would proceed with getting the tattoo, under the assumption that I could safely sport said tattoo for days, weeks, heck, maybe even months before Hubby noticed it.

Now, I don't know how observant Mr. Schmitty is. But it might be something to consider.

Anonymous said...

Hey darling - Lee-Ann here. I'm not one for tattoos, but I gotta tell you that Janis over at

has one almost exactly like the one you picture.

Let us know how it goes!

kristi said...

I have one small tatto. Hubs has many. I love the design you are thinking about.

I see nothing wrong with tasteful tattoos.

Both of my brothers are tattooed from head to toe, a bit much if you ask me!

EE said...

My husband and I have this argument all the time, too!
I've never pushed it too much because I don't really know what I'd want permanently on my body.
I love your design, though.
You and I may have to make a trip together to the tattoo parlor for matching tats!!!

Anonymous said...

I am 41 and have also wanted a tattoo since my teens. I never got one then (and I am ever so glad I don't have a dragon on my butt) and I am now married to a man who isn't into tattoos, but agreed (finally) I could get one. I just got it, and it is a phoenix on the upper middle of my back. I chose a spot I can hide easily,, and most of the time. I think I am glad I did it, I had a great artist and the tat is lovely- but I am glad I can hide it, and he is glad he doesn't have to look at it all the time, your design is lovely, but make sure the ankle is the right spot before you defy your man! It also really has made me feel different and it makes me think people view me differently if they know.