Sunday, April 27, 2008

In Touch With Their Feminine Sides

The Schmitty Kids love to play dress up. Most of the dress up clothes in our house happen to be Disney Princess gowns. I've gotten a lot of hand-me downs from friends so there is a good variety of sizes. Sizes that fit my boys, much to Mr. Schmitty's chagrin.

My boys have NO PROBLEM dressing up in frilly frocks to antagonize their father. The more Mr. Schmitty sweats the more they find it amusing. He rolls his eyes, they curtsy. He moans, they twirl like ballerinas.

Today Gertrude (W.) and Matilda (T.) were dressed to the nines. I told them that as long as they were dressed like that, I would refer to them as Gertrude and Matilda only. They giggled and ran off to find their little sister, who I refer to as Dororella because she was wearing Cinderella's gown and Dorothy's ruby red slippers.

Matilda ran back into the kitchen and told me that he had caught his hem on a basket. I took a look and saw that the ribbon had pulled all around the bottom of the skirt. I took out a big pair of scissors to cut off the torn fabric before clumsy fell over it. Graceful, he is not.

As I was reaching up under the tulle he said, "Careful mom, you don't want to cut something else off by accident!"

I responded, "From the get-ups you two are wearing, I seem to think they've already fallen off!"


Manager Mom said...

I find the father-of-littles gender angst thing amusing. Generally I don't care about that kind of stuff. My son wore a full on princess outfit to pre-school for an entire day.

The only time I had to put my food down was when we were repainting the kids rooms. I had let my older daughter pick the color and decorative scheme... she chose "pink and purple fairy castle with butterflies." I gritted my teeth and just tried to steer her toward the least obnoxious shade of pink possible.

But when The Boy (3 at the time) ALSO requested a pink and purple fairy castle with butterflies, I overruled him in favor of an orange and green (his favorite colors)...because I sure wasn't gonna repaint his room in three months when he got tired of staring at butterflies.

Bonnie said...

A couple of my boys like to dress up with their sister. I have some very funny photo's. I am glad for it though. She is an only girl and I sure as heck don't want to try and squeeze my big ole body in those getups.

Kathryn Cleve said...

I think it is terrific that you let your boys dress as girls. That's how I got started when I was 11. Now, fifty years later, I dress as a woman most of the time. Congratulations on your excellent attitude. -Kathryn

Zephra said...

Must get pictures. You could use those in the future. Really.

Queen Goob said...

My son just turned 16 - he is an offensive lineman and only starting 10th grader this year - I still have a picture of him at five years of age dressed as a girl hanging on the fridge - and he still thinks it's funny, too.

His dad didn't..... mwaa haa haa