Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Starting To Feel Like Charlie Brown

We don't go on a lot of vacations. The last BIG vacation was two years ago, this September, when we went to Disneyworld.

W. is on spring break this week. We decided to take the kids to the Philadelphia Zoo. I booked a room for two nights. The room wasn't cheap, but the hotel had a pool and as I said we don't go away a lot. So we sprang for the extra expense. Just being away for two nights was going to be worth it.

We arrived Tuesday at around 5:00 pm and checked in. The kids were so excited! We went up to the 10th floor and had dinner at the hotel's grill. The food was okay, a little too "fancy" and very expensive. I say fancy because the mac and cheese was ziti noodles with the restaurants own cheese sauce.

Mr. Schmitty has celiac sprue. He has to be careful what he eats and it's risky when you order out. We can tell them not to put bread on the plate and no croutons in the salad but sometimes there can still be issues. He ordered grilled chicken which was covered in spinach and asagio cheese. You can't get more gluten free than that.

We took the kids to the pool. They had a blast and we wore them out just enough to make them sleepy for bed. We wanted to get them tucked in early so they were rested for the zoo the next morning.

I jumped in bed with Miss R. and Mr. Schmitty grabbed his sneakers and ipod and headed to the gym.

I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I hear is a horrible noise coming from the bathroom. I glance at the clock, it's 10:30 pm. I know that noise. It's Mr. Schmitty vomiting. When he gets ill it is the most scary sounding thing you'll ever hear.

He came out of the bathroom. I said, "WTF?" He told me he had been great all night and all of a sudden, "WHAM!"

He got food poisoning, we believe. He's had it before and said this was exactly the same. We think it was either the spinach or the cheese.

The poor guy puked all night long. As soon as he felt well enough yesterday, we checked out a day early and headed home.

Needless to say we spend a fortune for the room, $200 on season tickets to the zoo (which we never got to) and all that gas money to swim in a pool for a few hours.

All I can say is, "GOOD GRIEF!"


Shelli said...

Wow, you were in my neck of the woods. I'm sorry Mr. Schmitty got food poisioning! That is just terrible.

I hope you do come back though. We love the philly zoo here, it's a great place (among many in Philly)

Queen Goob said...

Well crap, what the heck can we say to make it better? Nothing. That stinks! I know the bears at the zoo missed seeing you.....

The Fritz Facts said...

That stinks! The poor guy. Spending the money and getting little is hard, been there before.

Hope he feels better!!

Bonnie said...

I am so sad for all of you I am sure it was hard for everyone. I can;t even imagine having to tell my kids we were going home. We never vacation either. I hope he feels better and that the kids ahd a good time.

EE said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your trip!
I'm totally freaking out, though...the pediatrician called today and said that they will be testing Reilly for the same thing that Mr. Schmitty has.
Today is the first I've ever heard of it. I may be asking you some questions in the future if you don't mind.
The zoo's overrated, anyway. Half the time, the animals are hiding;)
Hope Mr. S. is feeling better and the kids aren't too disappointed!

Zephra said...

That is the kinds of vacations we end up having.

Jen said...

Oh no! What a bummer that was for all of you. I'm sorry that didn't work out. :(

*~*Cece*~* said...

I hate it when plans don't go as well...planned! Hope he's feeling better.