Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Special Ingredient?

The kids are getting very excited about the visitor who is scheduled to come this weekend.

We've got our baskets ready, our cool, metallic egg coloring kit standing by, our plastic eggs are unpacked from the crawl space, and a bag of carrots has been purchased. I made sure I remembered the carrots because one year we had to leave the Easter Bunny an apple. And don't you know, though he was only 3 at the time, W. still reminds me of that EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.

T. and R. were talking to me yesterday about what Mr. Bunny might bring them. They are a bit delusional, I must say. But rest assured, I was quick to point out that the big ticket items were more Santa's gig and they needed to downscale their thinking a bit. If not, they were going to be highly disappointed.

T.: "I hope he brings me lots of candy!"

R.: "Yum, chocolate kisses!!"

T.: "You know mom, they make some candy out of pee-pee."

Me: "Huh? I really don't think so T."

T.: "Yea, they do. You know, those yellow, squishy candies we get at Easter. The ones that look like chicks. The pee-pees."

Me: "Honey, those are PEEPS."


Laura said...

ok...I just snorted...and I may never be able to eat another pee pee chick ever!!!!!

Happy Easter.

Life As I Know It said...

LOL! Funny!

Day Dreamer said...

LMAO! Oh, that was precious and priceless and why we are moms!


Queen Goob said...

And did you know that pee-pee chicks can joust, too? Just pop a couple into the microwave with each "champion" holding a toothpick as their weapon, turn it on for a minute and watch them joust! (They expand to ginormous proportions, too!!!)

Misslionheart♥ said...

So cute!

We had an Easter egg hunt at the Toddler Group yesterday morning. It was so exciting to watch the little ones find the mini-eggs in so many places around the church courtyard.

What they didn't realise was, that we (Mums) were secretly taking them out of the kiddies baskets and re-hiding them again because I didn't buy enough!

Happy Easter!

Annie said...

Ha ha ! I love it. I've never tasted those things - just.can' lol

Justice Fergie said...

too cute. and i've never heard of "leaving the Easter bunny carrots." what a fun idea.

Happy Easter!

EE said...

You're kiddos say the cutest things!!
Peeps/ Pee...makes sense to me:)

Leigh said...