Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Can't Get Enough

Git yer mind outta the gutter!

I joined Netflix a few months ago and though I am a HUGE movie buff, I find myself adding different TV series to my queue. I started off with the second season of Weeds, very funny show. Then I watched 4 of the 5 seasons of Nip/Tuck. That Julian McMahon....let's just say HUBBA HUBBA! I can't wait until season 5 is released in June to continue that droolfest.

I then moved on to The Shield. I heard such great things about this show but for some reason I couldn't get past the first couple of episodes.

I needed something to replace that, hmmmmm... Ahhhh Haaaa....I heard that Lost was great so I added that to my Netflix waiting list. Why didn't anyone tell me about this show? I have been missing out for 4 years! I was hooked after the first 20 minutes. Lost is like, like....my daily fix. Never mind recreational drugs...no, no, just give me a couple of DVDs of that show and I'm good to go.

Every night at around 7:30, I start watching the clock. Only a half an hour until the kids go to their rooms for the night. I practically throw them in their beds, kiss their foreheads, and run to my bedroom carrying my little red envelope. I rip it open, pop that shiny, silver disc into the player, hop into bed with my cup of tea, and get lost in watching Lost.

And can I ask? How do so many gorgeous people get marooned on an island together? And so far, I've only seen minimal S-E-X going on. Well, minimal when you think about the hotness of the castaways. You think they'd be like rabbits, lookin' the way they do.

I can't decide who I'd rather feast my eyes on - Sawyer, Jack, or Sayid. Sawyer reminds me of an old flame. One who made my heart pound every time he walked in a room. Jack, very, very cute, though not really my type. Sayid, there is just something about him. His eyes just draw you in. And I've never seen anyone who seems to smile by only using his eyes.

I tell you, I would NEVAH get off that island. Even Kate and Sun would be a distraction and I don't even play that side of the fence!

Well, I only have an hour and forty minutes until Season 2, Disc 6. I've got to get prepared. Ciao!


Day Dreamer said...


Have fun! I've been staying away, but your're the second person this week to mention Lost.

I'm still hooked on the Riches. Not for the hotties, tho. I don't think there are any!

Laura said...

How does it all work? How much does it cost? Sounds like a great escape...I hardly ever watch tv now since I go to bed so early...this may be a good solution!

Thanks for sharing!

Bonnie said...

I haven't yet joined the Lost phenomenom (sp). I loved Alias, Heros, and 24. those were some of my addictions. I do mine through Blockbuster. It's ok.

Queen Goob said...

HEY!!! You need to hurry and get caught up! I'm a BIG fan and have seen every episode. HURRY...HURRY...we need to discuss theories!

However, and I'll try to break this to you gently, there is an even better series that I would actually drop LOST to watch - Heroes. Heroes is my absolute favorite. My kids know if Heroes is on, mommy's superhero power has kicked in and she no longer knows she has children. Thank goodness they can feed and bathe themselves!

smizzo said...

I've never watched Lost, not even 1 episode. So, I guess it's about time to get my hands on that little red envelope, too, huh? ;)

Justice Fergie said...

ugh! i CAN'T watch Lost anymore. hubby and i watched the first 2 seasons, but i mean, just HOW LONG can you drag this out? they need to be FOUND already.

as for the Shield? Now THAT'S a good show!!!! sorry it didn't move ya.