Friday, March 28, 2008

A Cauliflower Bomb

I found a cool book for W. in the bargain section of Barnes and Noble. It is a journal type of book that asks all kinds of questions about him, his friends, school, and his life. W. loves this sort of thing and I thought it would be nice to keep and read when he's grown.

He allowed me to read the sections he completed. It was very interesting and amusing to see how he answered. One questions in particular was, "Does your dad do anything to embarrass you?"

He had written "No" in the blank.

"Dad doesn't embarrass you, at all?" I asked, finding this strange as he has definitely reached that time in his life when his parents are just SO uncool.


"Do I?" I inquired, knowing full well what the answer would be.

"Yes mom, you're weird!" he said with a smirk.

"Weird strange or weird funny?"

"Weird funny."

"Oh, I can live with THAT!" I exclaimed.

That night when it was time for lights out, W. began his recent annoying stall tactics. He tried everything under the sun. When he realized he wasn't getting to me, his mood shifted and he became one of those kids you want to ship off to military school. This is his new phase, the nasty, I'm a Pre-preteen with attitude phase.

I wasn't having it. I said goodnight and began to leave the room.

W. sat up in his bunk bed and yelled, "EEEWWW!! T. you stink!"

I looked up at him and replied, "That wasn't T.!" To which he gave me the most disgusted look and threw his blanket over his head before plopping back down on his pillow.

Ahhhh....the sweet smell of VICTORY, how's that embarrassing for ya, my love?!


Bonnie said...

I love it , I love it , I love it. Serves him right. I have a 12 year old I am going to have to try that on.TeeHeeHee.

Angel said...

That is awesome. Just totally and completely awesome.

I can totally see myself doing that to my boys someday too.

I mean, I do currently float my burps in their faces. And then of course I get all pissed off when they pretend burp like little pigs at their grandmothers house as if I'm an all upstanding mother with manners.

Tuesday said...

Well Done Rad Mum!
Revenge is sweet (and sometimes stinky) ...

Queen Goob said...

Here's another one that loads of fun: drop a “bomb” in the car, roll all the windows up, and then lock the windows so the kids can't roll them down for fresh air. Dutch ovens are fun AND road trips where you plan your meals the night before.....lots of hard boiled eggs!

Teenagers are so much fun to torture on road trips. Thank goodness I find all bodily functions so gosh-darn funny!

Day Dreamer said...

Good girl!! Give it back to 'em!!


Make sure to do another one for his FRIENDS later on! LMAO!!!