Saturday, February 23, 2008

Way Too Much On My Plate!

I have noticed that I have been quite the slacker on my blog as of late. And when I have written here, well basically, it's fluff. I also have not been reading all of my favorite blogs very much. I wonder why my traffic has just about ceased to exist.

This is an extremely busy time of year for me. I am on the PTA committee at my son's school for planning our yearly Chance Auction Dinner. It's a huge fundraiser and a lot of work. For the past couple of years I have designed the invitations for the event. That alone ~ tons of work. I create the design to coincide with that year's theme and then I must put together about 500 invitations and response cards. I also help with the actual soliciting of the prizes. I contact hundreds of merchants online and pretty much beg plead ask for their help in donating.

I also was suckered roped stuck entrusted with the job of putting together our program for the night. It is a journal that breaks down all of the baskets and the prizes included in each one. It also has ads from local and not so local merchants. Now keep in mind, those merchants need to be called and I need to again beg plead ask for their help in donating. Not my forte. I feel like I trip over my own tongue. I can handle the online stuff, but talking to someone, like FOR REAL?! EEK!

But I'm doing it, so YAY! for me.

This year my W. will be leaving the elementary school. He's off next year to the INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL! The horror of that, well that will be another post. I am a co-chair for the 4th Grade Celebration Party. I am working with 3 other 4th grade moms to organize the all day party at the end of the year for the kids. We go to a local park and have food, music, games, and fun, Fun, FUN!

I guess I have been dubbed the school's, ummm..."Creative One", so I am designing the t-shirts for the kids. We also surveyed the kids and asked them to tell us their favorite songs. I am then going to create a music CD for them. Their class picture will be the case insert.

Can I tell you about the songs? Holy Crap! I think some parents need to start paying attention to what their kids listen to! I'm pretty up on current music. I like ALL kinds. When I saw their list, I didn't recognize a lot of the choices. Thank goodness for the internet. I Googled the lyrics and was floored! The most popular song was called "Low". Here are a few excerpts, keep in mind these are 10 year olds. "She turned around and gave that big booty a smack", "So sexual, she was flexible", "Work the pole, I got the bank roll", "Imma say that I prefer them no clothes", "Shawty what I gotta do to get you home My jeans full of gwap And they ready for Shones Cadillacs Maybachs for the sexy grown Patrone on the rocks that'll make you moan" (I don't even know what the hell that last one even means!), "That's what I told her, her legs on my shoulder", "She ready for Rover, I couldn't control her".

Okay, Okay, I gotta stop. I think you got the drift. And that was only half of the song.

So so so WRONG! 10 year olds listening and LOVING that song. Parents need to get a grip.

Please, don't get me started!

Breathe, breathe.

As you can all see, I have been quite busy. I've also been painting my kid's rooms! I'll post pics when that is finally accomplished.

One more thing. Here comes the shameless begging pleading request ~ if any of you have your own business and would like to contribute to our event, please contact me for more info. You can donate a service, merchandise, or you can even place an ad in the journal promoting your business. I would truly appreciate it!

Thanks so much!!


The Fritz Facts said...

You have been busy! At least you are feeling better, think of it that way. A month ago you wouldn't be able to do half of this much! That is great!
I know what you mean about the music. I gladly buy the Hannah Montana and HSM instead of that stuff. It just isn't appropriate for any child.

Leigh said...

DANG! ThAT SONG is HORRIBLE. I have heard it before and couldnt understand what was being said. though my kids are not allowed to listen to that crap, I know some of the kids they know do. thanks for enlightening me. it really is frightening. My daughter is 10 too.
Good luck with the baskets. I feel ya there. Done it, once. You are a better woman than me! Good luck.

Laura said...

WOW - you have tons on your plate. Good luck. I am sure it will all come together.

WOW - that music selection is wild. Do you think they, the kids, understand it???

Justice Jones said...

I just posted about the auction at my son's school, how funny!!! Are you asking parents to donate their lungs as well? JK!!