Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Go Ahead - Ask Me, I Dare You!

Okay, maybe I shouldn't have said I Dare You. I know how some of you can think. All minds in the gutter and whatnot. I may be in for it, me thinks.

I got this idea from Laura at Lunatic Fringe. She just celebrated her 100th post (YEAH LAURA!) and she asked her readers to post some questions and then she answered 100. Considering I missed my 100th post - my Lord I missed my Blogaversary (I'm so bad at this blogging thing), I decided I would steal borrow her idea. I hope that's okay Laura!

Plus, quite honestly, I've been as sick as a dog for over a week. The doc thinks I may have mono. Blogging material is very hard to come by right now. I haven't had much of a life other than lying on the couch or bed and flipping through tv channels. I need you all to get my brain working again. Throw some questions at me, get my gears going before I turn to mush!


The Fritz Facts said...

Mono stinks!! I have had it...twice. It is not a good time. Hope you feel oh so much better soon!!!
I love questions! It is so much fun.

- How did you come up with your characters for your doodlekids?
- If you could devout more time to any one thing what would it be?

Laura said...

Steal away my dear! Steal away!

I had lots of fun doing my 100 me thinking!

Here is my question to you:

When did you have your "Mommy Momment" the momentwhen you suddenly realized yep, you are a mom!

What part of your no-kids life do you miss the most?

Good luck!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I can't get past the mono! I hope you don't have it. I had it right before my freshman year of college. Ugh!

OK...when did you start turning your doodling into a business?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I hope it isn't mono! That can be a log recovery.

Here's my ?

Do you have any regrets about your life?

Day Dreamer said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

What's your favorite 'comfort food'?

Maria said...

Get well soon...

What was your best friend's name in high school and why were you friends?

Valerie said...

Feel better soon!

What is the one thing you would do over again to make it right?

Momo Fali said...

Fun!! What was your grossest Mommy moment? (This question brought to you by John & Kate plus 8...because I just saw John pull a piece of poop out of his constipated son's butt...with his bare hands! He was so happy that his son was pooping though! It was such a classic parenting moment.)

Leigh said...

Where do you get your ideas for post?
feel well...