Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Being Married 15 Years Feels Like

We are pathetic. Mr. Schmitty and I are pathetic with a capital P.


Yesterday my MIL and SIL came over to babysit T. and R. while W. was in school. T. asked why they were coming to babysit and told them that I was going out with my boyfriend on a date. He grinned and said, "That's daddy, right?" Then he ran off and told Mr. Schmitty that he had to open my car door for me on our date. He also asked if I was going to wear my wedding dress.

No sweet child, mama couldn't get that thing on even if she used a crowbar.

So off we went on our little date. Mr. Schmitty did indeed hold every door for me. The dear. We decided to have some lunch so we went to a diner that we love. We sat in a booth and for once had all the elbow room we needed. Aaahhh, the glory! No crayons, no booster seats, no kid's menus! We ordered from the adult menus and then we looked at each other.

Crickets, birds chirping, silence.

We laughed.

Our waitress brought our lunch and then we proceeded to scarf down our food. After almost 10 years of eating with children you get into the habit of inhaling your food. You just never know when you'll have to yell for the check.

Okay, so that used up about 45 minutes. Now what? Where to go? What to do? We had nuthin'.

We resorted to our old schtick of, "Whatcha wanna do?" for a few minutes.

That wasted another 5 minutes.

"Blah, this sucks, you know?" I said.

"We could go to a motel!" Mr. Schmitty replied.

"We could take a NAP!" we chimed in together as we burst out laughing.

So we did what any old married couple does. We went shopping for shoes for Mr. Schmitty. He bought a really nice pair of work boots. It's his birthday today so when he pulled out his credit card I patted him on the back and shouted, "Happy Birthday!!"

I'm telling, you we are just SUCH the romantic couple!

The kid at the register took the credit card. He then said to Mr. Schmitty, "Nice boots, plan on going hiking?"

My husband and I looked at each other and raised our eyebrows. Apparently this kid didn't realize how old and out of shape we are.

", not really."

The kid raised his eyebrows as if to say, "Then why the hell are you buying hiking boots!"

I just about split a gut.

He handed Mr. Schmitty his credit card and the bag and said, "Enjoy your kicks."


I think Mr. Schmitty should have said, "You bet!" And then he should have done this:


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...


We're going to celebrate our 11th anniversary in May. I always dream up these big plans, but then we go to dinner and, like you, we run out of things to do. Movies are good time killers.

Happy Anniversary!

kristi said...

Yeah, we spend the meal talking about the kids...go figure!

Laura said...

LOL --- that will be me and hubby in 10 years...well, actually, that is us now after only 5 years of marriage!


Life As I Know It said...

Yeah, that sounds like a typical date after many years of marriage!

Jen said...

That sounds like us and we're on year 8. Every time we plan something special with just the two of us we end up spending the whole time talking about the kids. I refuse to believe that romance is dead though, I think it's just ...... sleeping. Or something.

Leigh said...

Me too, girl. I am so with you. !3 years for us. You always make me laugh!!1

Zephra said...

Your date sounds a lot like the ones my DH and I have. We have no idea what to do with no kids.

Maria said...

I LOVED this post because I was getting so sick of reading so many blogs about the romance of going out with their husbands on a date and how fantastic it was, etc.

I sat there thinking that the last time Bing and I went out for dinner we talked about her recurring pain in her shoulder and whether we should buy new tires for the cars and/or get the shower regrouted.

I burst out laughing about wolfing your food at a restaurant. Liv is finally at a good age, but before that, I could eat a cheeseburger in about two seconds flat and I always ordered something off the menu that could be taken out by hand if there was no time for a take out box...

Groovy Mom said...

LOL! I thought salsa dancing lessons would make our dates more exciting. Um, no. We have our best fun together at home most of the time. I still haven't figured out what we could do "out" together that would be wildly fun and romantic.

Oh, The Joys said...

Heh. That was all too familiar, friend.

EE said...

You all sound just like my husband and I when we go on takes 3 days to reacclimate to time together with no kids;)

Mom on Coffee said...

BD and I took a mini-vaca a couple years ago. We were so bored. Basically, we're screwed when the kids leave...

Anonymous said...

All those reprieves....

All those "I'm good while I can be"

They never forced more from you than pain

All, They were capable of; music that beats with so much love; Knows the remedy we seek. I've felt SO MUCH love, with candid flair...Punish my peeked;
unself lair....

You get the Sam forever there....

Athena Pierce ©2007

Liz said...

This happens to us every time. I shudder to think what will be left of us when the kids grow up and leave home! We might be one of those couples who looks at each other and doesn't recognize the other!

*~*Cece*~* said...

I can't wait to be a pathetic married couple! 11 more years til our 15! Woohoo! lol

Super B's Mom said...

This is hilarious because it sounds just like me and Super Dad. We've been married for 11 years and if we do make "big plans," we always end up saying "Nah..let's just go home and watch CSI."

However, there are occasions when we go buck wild and hit Wal-Mart to look at fishing stuff.