Friday, August 03, 2007

Pulling The Plug

My daughter, R., is the baby of the family. She has two older brothers. This being said, as you can imagine, she believes she is the Princess. And sometimes she is, 'cause really most of the time she's so darn cute you just want to eat her up. But she's also a force to be reckoned with when things don't go her way. This is especially true when the Queen of the house, that would be me, thinks she needs her tiara adjusted. That's when Little Miss Princess will buckle down for the fight.

Now, R. is a stubborn child who must do things on her terms. She'll be 4 in October and she has JUST finally potty trained. She had been refusing to use the potty until about two weeks ago when she did a complete 360. I don't know why the change of heart, it was, I believe, because she wanted to and for no other reason. Quite honestly, I really don't care why she did it, I'm just happy that I don't have to spend money on diapers anymore!

The next hurdle we need to jump is getting rid of the binky. Yes, she still has a binky. I can't pry it away. She only is allowed to use it when sleeping. She needs that comfort. Does anyone have suggestions?

I told her yesterday that when she turns 4 she has to wash up all of her binkies and get them ready to give back to the hospital. I told her that the hospital was running out of binkies for the new babies and when a little girl turns 4 they have to give them back.

She looked at me as if to say, "Yea, sure, just try it."

When she was talking to her grandmother I told her to tell her the story about the babies needing binkies. She talked over me like I wasn't even there. I asked her what she neeed to give back to the hospital. She said, in her confident little voice, "Not My Binkies!" And she went back to coloring her picture.

I'm doomed.


Zephra said...

Do you know anyone who has a little baby? When my sister needed to get rid of Terrell's she told him that my baby needed them and they mailed them to him. I then took a picture of him using them so that Terrell could see that Zakary got them. She said there were a few days of wanting them back but that every time she said Zakary had them he got over it.

Zephra said...

If it was me though, I would just do it cold turkey. That is what I have always done with the bottles but I am a mean mommy.

The Fritz Facts said...

I just did a post on this for WFMW!!

Go cold turkey. Sneak them away if she won't give them up. Sure she may be mad, but she is 4, you are the mom! Good lukc and let us know!!!!!

Valerie said...

Yeah T was so happy to send them to his baby cousin, it worked really well.

Jen said...

What I did for Joseph was I stuck several small holes into the end of his nuk with a pin. Then, when he sucked on it it would go flat. He didn't like the way that felt and he just decided on his own he was ready to be done with them. he was always a pretty easy going kid though so that might now work with someone more um..... used to getting their way. Good luck with whatever you try!

Day Dreamer said...

I loved YOUR suggestion. We told my daughter she was a big girl and binkies were for babies only. We told her that when she turned a certain age they would be gone. It worked, but barely. I had her throw away her own binkies and baba's. When she would want one I reminded her that she threw them away. She was older, too. She was about four when she, too, just decided that it was time. Thank goodness... :) Hope it takes for your daughter!

JaniceNW said...

First we refused to buy any new binkies. Binkies were for bad or naptime and car.

If we were out he could not have his binky unless we were in car.

Eventually they all fell apart and I had to cut the tops off to be safe........a few more days and he was done.

Good luck!

JaniceNW said...

bed not bad. oy. sorry

Mad goat lady said...

We had this problem many years ago with a dummy.

My solution was to tell him that the dummy fairies were coming to pick them all up that night.

His answer was," Oh well I will leave them all on the floor for them then, I don't want the fairies fluttering their wings near my face"

How precious was that? And it worked!

Simply Hollie said...

ugh tough one, my Roo lost hers and I refused to buy a new one, maybe hers could get lost? My trouble is mone is now almost 9 and still sleeps with her blanket..ugh!

Maria said...

I can relate on the pacifier issue. Liv LOVED her "plugs." By the time she was 3, I was getting dirty looks by everyone. My sisters, of course, counseled just taking them away and letting her "cry it out." It was that simple, in their eyes.

I did it in stages. At first, she was only allowed to use the plug when she was at home. The next week, it was only in her bedroom. The next week, only if she was sitting on her bed. And then, only at night before bed.

After this, I am sorry to say that we tried telling her that we had to send them back to "binkyland." She didn't buy it for one second. So, I decided to give up the battle. I just let her have them when she went to sleep. When she about a week past her fourth birthday, she started sleeping without the plugs on her own. I began taking them off her dresser one by one. By the time we reached the last one, she had completely weaned herself.

I wish I could take credit, but I can't. Like your daughter, my Liv was headstrong and stubborn. She gave them up when SHE was ready. It was that simple.

I've since learned to decide what is worth fighting about and what isn't.

Eventually, she will work this out for herself. I really believe that. Because that is what happened to me.

Good luck.

Misslionheart said...

Spud's went in the bin on the day before his second birthday. Belle had hers at bedtime only till she was three and a half and the elsest two had theirs till they were two. All binned!

Mom on Coffee said...

My kids all gave them up between 9 and 10 months, but my niece was attached to hers for what seemed like forever. My SIL decided to do the Paci Fairy. One night she tied all the pacis to a tree in the yard, telling niece that the paci fairy would leave a gift under the tree in the AM. The made a big, BIG deal out of it.

Next morning, pacis were gone and niece's first little girl bike stood at the bottom of the tree.

Worked like a charm, though sometimes niece wanted to know where the paci's were, all it took was a reminder of the paci fairy.

Good Luck!

The Greens said...

All three of my kids were at least this old when I finally got up the courage to toss the binky.
I had them throw it in the garbage...and watch the garbage man take them away.
It sounds mean...but they never asked for it again.