Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Selective Memory

Mr. Schmitty played golf this past Saturday. It was a small tournament our neighbor asked him to play in. He doesn't get a lot of chances to play so I was happy he had this opportunity.

He left around 9 am wearing his ugly golf shirt and khakis. Why do they make those golf shirts so darn busy? It hurts my eyes just looking at one. Anyway, a few minutes after he walked out the door he came right back in.

"What did you forget? Your keys? Your wallet? Your cell?" Mr. Schmitty has a bad habit of misplacing these items on a daily basis.

"No, I'm changing into shorts, the guys were all riding me about the pants."

Mr. Schmitty does not wear shorts very much. He complains that his legs are too skinny and shorts just emphasize that. I wish I had that problem. I had to MAKE him pack shorts on our honeymoon. I was not going to allow him to wear jeans as we strolled the beaches of Jamaica.

He arrived home about 6:30 that evening. He wasn't happy how he played, but I could tell he had a great time anyway.

After the tournament was over he said they had gone into the clubhouse to eat. There was a female bartender waiting on them at the bar and he said she looked very familiar. Now mind you, Mr. Schmitty is lucky he remembers my name and he's not really good at recalling faces either. He continued his story and said that throughout the meal he just kept trying to place her.

Finally he asked her if she had ever tended bar in our area. She said, "Well, a long time ago I did at a place called Heartbreakers."

"That's it! he exclaims.

I just rolled my eyes at him and said, "Oh, that you remember!"

If you can't tell by the establishments name, Heartbreakers is a go-go bar. Back in the day, about 19 years ago, my hubby was also known as Go-Go-Joe.


Hol said...

"Go-Go-Joe", too funny! Thanks for the laugh. My hubby has the "selective memory" disorder too.

Maria said...

Go Go Joe? Well, there are worse names. Did you have a nickname? My friends in college called me specs because I wore these little John Lennon glasses.

Valerie said...

selective memory is a by product of marriage I swear.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

The only nickname I had was CGSB, it stood for Chrissy G Super Blonde. Don't know how I got it, don't know how it stuck. Hated it! LOL

Babybull40 said...

Go-Go- Joe.. funny.. why do men do that.. he couldn't possibly remember something from 19 yrs ago.. Could he?

Justice Fergie said...

Ok i am laughing my a** off. that is TOO funny. and sounds just like something my hubby would say. and considering my hubby's name IS joe, i may be stealing that nickname.

i'm still laughing.