Friday, May 11, 2007

Mommy In Training

I overheard R. having a conversation with Ruby this morning. Well, it was more of a one sided-conversation because, well, Ruby is a dog. Though I think if she could speak she would have sounded like W. when I speak to him. She would have been rolling her eyes and all attitude.

T. was still asleep in his bed. He is definitely going to be one of those teenagers that stays up all night and sleeps all day, I see it coming. Every morning I have to pull all of the shades up, rip the covers off of him, and repeat over and over, "T. get up!"

Okay, where was I? Oh yea, T. was still sawing wood and his bedroom door was ajar. I have been keeping the bedroom doors closed to keep Ruby out. I really don't want to start smelling dog poop in the middle of the night because she went under my bed. But W. must have left his door open and Ruby snuck in, under the watchful eye of R.

I was in my bedroom and was about to walk out when I heard her. I stopped and listened in the dark. I heard the tone of her normally adorable voice change to one of authority. "Oh.My.God, she's a mini-me!" I thought to myself.

"Ruby, you can't be in there!" "Ruuuuuby!" "Ruuuubyyyyy!"

"Hmmmmph!" She throws the door open, "Who left this door open?" "Ruby, where are you?"

Ruby apparently has a sock in her mouth and is gnawing on it. "My boys left their clothes on the floor!" And yes, she refers to W. and T. as My Boys. "Hmmmmph! That goes in here!" I hear the lid to the hamper shut. I'm stifling laughs.

"Now Ruby you get out. Ruby out!" She is getting a taste of what I go through daily with the Schmitty kids, complete and total tune-out.

I can almost hear her stomp her bare foot on the rug, grit her teeth, and make her fists. "Ruby! Out! Now!"

It must have worked because then I hear the door slam. "Now, you know you can't go in there. Stay out."

She goes downstairs and says to W., "You left the door open. You left your clothes on the floor. Ruby got in. You can't do that!"


She just reamed out her 8 year old brother!

Suddenly the bedroom door opens again. T. comes out rubbing his eyes.

"Hey T., did you hear R.?"


"Isn't she so cute?"

He stops, scowls at me and says, "Not at all."

Oooops, I guess Her Boys aren't real happy with her today!


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