Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random Conversations

T., "Mommy can we go to You Nork?"

Me, "Sure, when you get a little older. And it's New York."

T., "That's what I said, You Nork."

Me, "No, honey, say Newwww."

T., "Newwww."

Me, "York."

T., "York."

Me, "New York."

T., "You Nork."

I started laughing and T. promptly joined in.

W., "Mom what are you and T. laughing about?"

Me, "He is having trouble saying You Nork."

Uh Duh.


W. has been listening to Radio Disney the past few days on cable tv. He blares it in the playroom and the three Schmitty kids get their groove on. I was in the next room and this is what I heard:

W., "I'm a professional dancer, you two are just amateurs."

R., "W. look at my moves."

T., "I've got some skills."

W., "Those moves are SO yesterday, these moves are today."

Where do they get this stuff?


I walked into the kitchen the other day and found W. and Mr. Schmitty playing cards.

Me, "What are you guys playing?"

W., "Poker!"

Me, glaring at Mr. Schmitty, "You taught him how to play poker?"

Mr. Schmitty, "Don't look at me! He asked me if I wanted to play."

Me, "Where did you learn to play poker?"

W., "School."

Mr. Schmitty, "He's pretty good."

I shoot him the dagger eyes and he hides behind his cards.

Me, "Oh great, and which boy in your class introduced you to the world of gambling?"

W., "What's gambling?"

Me, "Nothing, who taught you?"

W., "Morgan and Maya."

Me, "Nice."

Third grade girl hustlers! At least they kept their clothes on!


Kristi said...

You Nork looks like a fun place to get your dance on and play some poker.

Babybull40 said...

I've never been to You Nork.. I hope when does get to go.. he doesn't sing the theme song.. I Lub You Nork.. .. cute...

Maria said...

Very funny. And yes, it is important to write all this shit down. I totally agree. Even now, Bing and I were just talking the other day about how Liv has turned into this new little savvy person. We both kept saying things like, "remember when she said that?" and I vowed to be better about writing things down WHEN they are said.

Poker? Wow. Is he coming home with all his clothes intact?

Justice Fergie said...

Hilarious. Maybe you could send W to You Nork and set him up to play poker games (and dance) on the street corner. Could prove to be quite lucrative.


Justice Jones said...

This is cute. My five year old calls "Miami," "Your-ami." He thinks it's mine. I've tried to explain to him that's it's not mine a number of times. When hubby said it, he corrected him. "It's not your-ami Daddy, it's mommy's." It's always fun. One day it will click. I enjoy trying to explain it to him though so I'm in no rush.