Thursday, April 19, 2007

Counting Down To 40

Yup, that's right, I'm gonna be 40. Yikes I'm not sure I like that number. Tomorrow is the big day so I guess I best get used to it.

My best friend has rented a house for a quiet birthday/mom's weekend away. Our husbands are great and are taking care of the kids and doing all the usual weekend running around. It's so funny how my mother and mother-in-law come to HIS assistance. Nevermind when I need an extra set of hands, I'm just expected to do it. But I'm glad he'll have some help.

The two of us are going to relax, shop, have a few glasses of wine, sit in the hot tub, and watch some chick flicks. We'll go out to dinner and not need crayons or booster seats. I won't have to wipe any butts but my own for 3 heavenly days. I of course, have a head cold. I haven't had a cold since October, so it's quite the way for me that I would get sick now. Why should I completely enjoy myself? I only get out once in a great while and I either get sick or get my period. But come hell or high water I'll enjoy myself even if it kills me!

T. has a little bug too. He woke up this morning with a slight fever but once the Motrin kicks in, he's okay. Let's just hope it stays that way and Mr. Schmitty, W., and R. stay healthy. I really don't want Mr. Schmitty to have to deal with that. I feel bad enough going with T. under the weather, but my friend can't get a refund so we have to go. Hubby is great, he'll be fine, I just obsess.

Well, I probably won't post again until Monday. The next time you hear from me I'll be 40 years young.


Jen said...

Tomorrow is my birthday too! Your plans sound like a lot of fun, I hope you have a great time!

Zephra said...

Have the happiest of Birthdays. I hear 40 is the best age for a woman.I sure hope so because 30 sucked rotten eggs.

Rootietoot said...

life starts at 40. fer sure. In your 20's, your busy being young and hip and still immature. In your 30's, you've got Mommyhood and the struggle to Do It Right. Then the 40's hit and you have permission to wear cellulite and wrinkles, and you no longer struggle to be Perfect. It's awesome and wonderful and the best thing ever!

Babybull40 said...

Yes it all is beginning for you at 40.. I was 39 when I had my sweet little buy.. and I'm none the worse for wear.. well except for today.. Anyway have a awesome 3 whole days of no wiping bums etc... eat, drink and be merry.. have a Happy Birthday..

Misslionheart said...

Is there no-one you could bring with you to wipe your botty? I mean, this *is* a break for you, isn't it?

Have fun!

Clare x

The Greens said...

Yeah for you!
Happy birthday sweetie!
I'm not too far behind you (37 in Sep.).
I hope your weekend goes great and you and your friend have lots of fun.

Chantal said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Kristi said...


fold my laundry please said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great time this weekend!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Happy 40th!!!! I'll be there myself in a little over two years.

Your moms weekend sounds perfect. No guilt...just make a run for it woman! :)

Justice Fergie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

And 40 is the new 30, haven't ya heard??

Maria said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

And you know, 40 was the time when my life really took off. I look back and I can see that it all started around the ages of 40-42.

You are older, wiser, sexier, smarter and funnier than ever before. You have all that experience and are still young enough to not have ailments yet.

I loved 40.

Mom on Coffee said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, from Ruby, Ruby Tuesda... Oh wait, this isn't Ruby's. M

y big day is Thursday, what a busy birthday week!!!

Hope its a fabulous one for you!!!

Robyn said...

Have a fabulous birthday! 40 is just a number. I figure that every day above ground is a good one!

mcewen said...

When I was in my 20's approaching 30, my mum told me that one's 30's were the best possible phase of your life where you gained confidence and self assurance.
When I was in my 30's approaching my 40's I was too busy with babies, nursing and pregnancy and nursing to even notice.
As the decades advance, I no longer care - but maybe that's just senility [early onset?]
Cheers and happy birthday