Friday, February 09, 2007

You could have heard a pin drop

My son's school is having it's annual auction dinner in April. The event is held to welcome the new officers of the PTA. Really, it's just an excuse for us moms to get out, have some drinks, and win some really cool stuff. And did I mention, have some drinks? I'm on the committee for my second year and though I'm really swamped with trying to get things done, I'm having a great time.

Tuesday night we had a meeting. One of the co-chairs walks in with a big bag from Gamestop. She begins to tell us the story of what happened at this particular location. She went in, with two of her children, and spoke with a manager. Now, as you can imagine, a manager of Gamestop probably still has homework to do when he gets off duty. But anyway, she gave him the whole spiel of what the event was all about. In all fairness to him, I'm sure he was in the middle of "Some AWESOME game, DUDE!" Which is why I think he really wasn't totally listening to her. He couldn't have heard through all the game's blips and beeps that this was for an ELEMENTARY school function. Either that or he and his subordinates (a.k.a the rest of the nerd herd) had a great laugh on her when she left.

The manager gave her a bag packed with "goodies" and because she had her two children she just grabbed the bag and was on her way. When she got into her car her son was very excited to see the loot.

She reached in the bag and pulled out this:

*crickets chirping, mouth wide open*

YES, her panties barely cover her hoo-hah, those ARE pasties, and NO, she's not swallowing what you THINK she is. Though I agree the sexual inuendo is quite strong, it's a sword, you pervert! The funniest thing to me is the warning label. It's a choking hazard! DUH!


Surviving Motherhood said...

nice. Should raise a few eyebrows.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

We are going to sell them on Ebay. I looked to see if they had any there and they were selling between $35 and $45! Hopefully we can get something for it and then purchase an appropriate replacement.

Maria said...

I was just going to suggest E-bay!

And your school committees sound so much more fun than mine. I always end up in the back of the room with a few other rebel moms making snotty comments behind our hands about the stupid fundraiser ideas. (The latest was to have a vote for mini "brides and grooms" and have a miniature wedding where we all attend and bring gifts. The mini brides and grooms would be children. Holy COW!)

Valerie said...

Oh my!

Oh, The Joys said...


Oh, The Joys said...

Wait - Thong Barbie from Mars!

BlondeMom said...

Oh dear God...that is hilarious.

NICE doll.

Robyn said...

OMG! I would have paid money to witness the event!