Monday, January 08, 2007

Why? But Why? But Why Mommy?

Does every 3 year old do that? Every question you answer is followed by, "Why?" and by, "But Why?" and yet again by, "But Why Mommy?" and so on and so on get the drift. Conversations like this with R. are becoming quite frequent. Though they can be quite amusing and awfully cute they also can drive me up the wall. I so wish for a mute button for her or a deaf button for me. A remote like that could sell millions. Nevermind a diamond being a girl's best friend you'll want to get the Mommy Remote Control. The perfect gift, in a perfect world.

So, I'm sitting down about to blog and in waltzes R., topless, of course, as she can never wear clothing these days. She's got her blue, furry purse she got for Christmas. It's hanging on her bent arm near the crook of her elbow just like a little old lady would carry it. "Where's your shirt?" She ignores me, I guess she is the only one allowed to ask questions. She walks over to where W.'s Social Studies Poster is.

"NO! Back away from the poster, it's due tomorrow, we don't have time to fix it."

She walks over to me and asks me, "Who bought me this?" as she holds up her purse. "Aunt K."

She peers up with a puzzled look on her face, here it comes, "Why?" "It was a Christmas present."

"But Why?" "Because Aunt K. loves you."

"But Why Mommy?" "Because Aunt K. is my sister and she buys my children, who she loves, presents."

"Where's my sister?" "You don't have one, you have brothers."

"But Why?" "Because mommy and daddy are only having 3 kids and you are number 3."

"But Why Mommy?" under my breathe I swear as I roll my eyes.

"Why did you say shit?"


Anonymous said...


First time reader of your blog here - I can relate, for sure! MY 3 year old daughter is ALL about the WHY? Of course, it is accompanied by "but I don't want to" and "I don't like you!"...

Ah...what would happen if I hid ALL of her hair accessories, purses and princess shoes? hmmm...

Scout's Honor said...

Wait until they hit 4 years! Then they say "actually," and no matter what, they are right.

Basically, along the lines of, no mommy, you're wrong. The sky is green. And there's no budging them.