Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's so QUIET in here

I can't believe how quiet it's scaring me. I'm not used to silence. Hubby is on vacation from work and took T. & R. to grandma's house. W. is at school and should be home in less than an hour. The slamming of the front door should break this almost eerie calm. I don't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm going to welcome the noise.

That is until W. and I get to work on his Social Studies poster. His teacher assigned it before Christmas break, it's due on Tuesday. Needless to say we started it yesterday. Another mom award for me for teaching my son PROCRASTINATION. I should have a sash made with patches that I earn for all of my inspiring work as a mom, just like a little girl scout would. I could wear it daily as a reminder of how WELL I'm doing!

Anyway, W. hates homework, though I can't imagine that ANY 3rd grader truly enjoys it. But you should just see the drama. I should definitely think about getting him some acting classes. He reminds me of the old-time movies with the really bad overacting. You know the ones I'm talking about. You hear a gunshot and the Zoot suited man grabs his chest, spins around, hits the floor, rolls back and forth as he moans uncontrollably, his limbs stiffen, and finally with his head tilted, his eyes closed and tongue sticking out he is still. That would be my W., except the gunshot is me saying, "W., time for homework." It makes me want to put a gun to my own temple. I wonder if maybe I could be buried in my sash.

.....the door just slammed...take one, and.....ACTION!

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