Monday, January 29, 2007

Peacocks BEWARE!

an-tique: Pronunciation: (")an-'tEk: a relic or object of ancient times

vin-tage: Pronunciation: 'vin-tij: dating from the past; old

I did a Google search today. Those were the dictionary definitions of the words I found to describe every picture I came across of this:

It is an Antique or Vintage School Desk with an Inkwell.

W.: "Mom, when you were in school did you use an inkpen?"

Mrs. Schmitty: "What's an inkpen?"

W.: "You know, those pens. The ones you dipped in the ink that was on your desk."

Mrs. Schmitty: "OOHHH. Sure, now I remember. On the way to school every morning, I even plucked my own bird feathers to use as the pen."

W.: "Cool! You did?"

Mrs. Schmitty: "Oh for God's sake, how OLD do you think I am?!"

This morning there was a commercial on tv for "Life Alert" (the necklaces the elderly wear so if they need medical assistance all they do is push the button).

T.: "Mommy, grandma has one of those."

Mrs. Schmitty: "Yes, she does."

T.: "You should get one."

I am on my way out the door. I have a few errands to run, first for a face-lift and second to look into a good adoption agency for my kids.


Anonymous said...

I bet he thinks you peed on bushes as well...


Rootietoot said...

I get "back in the olden days, did you (xyz)"