Wednesday, January 31, 2007

4-Legged Trooper

W. had a pack meeting for cub scouts tonight. I usually stay home and let Mr. Schmitty witness the chaos of 30 elementary school-aged boys. I don't know how the den mothers do it. I start to shake about 5 minutes after arriving to a meeting. I think I cramp W.'s style too, I just can't keep my mouth shut when he isn't behaving properly. I see him doing something he shouldn't and I want to grab and throttle him. It's amazing how much I see and how much nobody else sees. Maybe it's just me but from my perspective the kids turn into lunatics, mine included. I probably just need to lighten up but I know I can't do it, I'm not cut out for that sort of thing all of the time. So, I usually stay home with the little ones unless it is something really big. It's better that way. W. isn't getting "the look" every few seconds and my blood pressure stays at an even keel.

Well tonight was something really big. Mr. Schmitty helped arrange for a state trooper to come in with his "partner" to speak with the boys. His "partner" was a beautiful German Shephed. They were from the K-9 unit. It was so cool! He told the boys all about the training of the dog and how he can locate drugs and track to find people or objects that are missing. He even planted a small amount of drugs in the gymnasium for the dog to find. It was truly amazing. The cub scouts really enjoyed the demonstration, though I think the parents were the ones that were in awe. I know I was.