Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Been A Whole Month? Really?!

Oh Em Gee!

I can NOT believe that I have not written a post in a month! Actually I have written dozens, but only in my head.

I've thought up posts while in the shower, while on the way to drop the kids at school, and while walking up and down the grocery store aisles. I have even planned out a few while I tried to fall asleep at night.

I've just been so dang busy that I haven't been able to get those blurbs into my computer for your reading enjoyment.

Please, the few readers I may have left, I am so sorry. I know, I suck.

I have been gone so long that even my BlogHer ads were temporarily suspended. I'm surprised they even noticed I was gone. At least SOMEONE is reading my blog.

So, what has been keeping me from the Internets? I'll try to sum it up in bullets.
  • I ran a cookbook fundraiser for T. and R.'s school. By.Myself. I collected recipes, typed them into the company's online software program, ordered, sold, and delivered. Did I mention? All.By.Myself!
  • It is time for our annual PTA Installation Dinner and Chance Auction. Again, I designed and printed the invitations and am the chair for our Ad Journal. Apparently I was MIA last year at this time too. This fundraiser is a HUGE undertaking.
  • The Schmitty's hosted Easter Dinner here....for 18 people.
  • Hubs and I are trying to refinance our mortgage to a lower rate and drop it to a 20 year. The home equity we have is through another company. For whatever reason, they have been screwing us up. I can't understand what the problem is...we aren't taking more money, just dropping the rate. It won't affect them at all. Asshats.
  • I am trying to get the outside and inside of my house ready for summer. I want to relax with my family this year and not worry about a thing! Heh. I crack myself up.
  • The KIDS (i.e. birthday parties, school, birthday parties, playdates, birthday parties, girl scouts, MORE FREAKING BIRTHDAY PARTIES, etc.)
So, that's it in a nutshell.

It's been a tad hectic, to say the least. And even though I stated that the kids were part of my distraction from posting, I apparently have neglected them some, as well.

Case in point? I present to you, Exhibit A:

My daughter got into the blue food coloring while I was on the phone and tried to turn herself into a Smurf.


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

A relaxing summer? Here's to hoping, wishing, praying and blue food coloring, forever!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg...a Smurf...I LOVE it! How awful was that to get off?

I get the busys, but man we missed you!

What is this relaxing summer you speak of?

Dawn said...

Oh, my word! You HAVE been very busy!! Thank goodness you still have time for WwF!! LOL!

Glad to see you posting again. =)

thordora said...

I just painted my bedroom blue. She should come hang out. :D

Baloney said...

I notice that you haven't missed a beat on Words With Friends. Perhaps this is sucking up your blogging time?

meleah rebeccah said...

Holy Crap - you HAVE been REALLY busy!
But you don't suck! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, love ya even tho you jipped me on a month of posts!

...Nancy said...

been missing you - you crack me up. love from alabama!


You have been one busy lady....and she is a smurfette...not a smurf. She looks adorable offering up her little blue hands. Have missed you, glad to see you today.